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Highlights of life and shout-outs to our Purely Twins community


Highlights From Our Week:

10 months old

Mom and her 10 month baby girl

Cannot believe Lyla is 10 months old.

She brings even more JOY into this house. She adores her big sister, Madison.

Madison is finally starting to adore her back and play together! Yay #happymom Well still working on sharing.

Lyla Grace

Love seeing her personality come out. She is fearless and always wants to be doing and eating whatever else is doing or having.

10 month old girl walking

Lyla is getting better with her walking!!

Crazy that she started walking a few weeks ago. She started as soon as we got back from vacation. Just a few weeks before she turned 10 months old.


Madison at preschool. She is loving it and doing great with it too. I love getting to her school early and watching her play with the other kids.

Both my little girls are growing up.

vizsla and little kids

And then there’s my other kid, Jax!

Both kids love “feeding” Jax some of their food. They both just laugh and giggle when Jax licks their hands.

Kitchfix grain-free granola

We picked up this grain-free granola at the store to enjoy as a little snack in the mornings before our workouts.

It was good! Have you tried it?

baby on aunt's lap doing computer work - working from home

Just another day at work 🙂

Lyla is really interested in the computer that she sees her aunt always on. Madison did the same thing when she was that young. Perhaps future entrepreneurs ?!?

10 months postpartum mom with diastasis journey

10 months postpartum.

I haven’t been able to keep up with my postpartum updates like I did after Madison.

Life with two kids…well you know how crazy it can be.

By having diastasis it has helped me to be more aware of my daily movement and alignment throughout the day. I am far from perfect.

I am human, a mom of two, mom boss…I have a lot going on as I know you do too. I still struggle with good alignment, but just like I teach my clients it’s about being more aware of it and do the best you can.

The first life activity we are focusing on is how we do the dishes.  In a nutshell it’s about hinging not hunching over, which a lot of us do…hey we are tired mommas. !


Those eye lashes !!

10 month old girl learning to walk

I also didn’t keep up with monthly recaps with Lyla’s journey. But I did keep up with taking her monthly pictures.

I remember my mom had baby books of Michelle and I’s two older sisters, but didn’t really have one for us.

Now I understand. You have the best intentions, but certain things get pushed aside.

Paleo vegan biscotti

Made up 3 batches of our grain-free vegan biscotti from our cookbook.

A favorite in this house, especially with happy cup!

high fat gelatin protein mush

Our typical avocado protein mush with cacao nibs. Our high fat gelatin protein mushes…still love them after enjoying them for over 3 years now.

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Jessica July 3, 2017 - 12:29 pm

I would love to see a video on your protein mushed!!


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