Our NEW clothing line !!

by purelytwins

It’s time to reveal our secret project we have been hinting at on Insta stories.

We’ve collaborated with our sister Jen and her company Raw Threads to create positive inspiring fun fashionable tops you can work out in, go grocery shopping in, play with your kids,  wear around your house and even sleep in. Pretty much clothing you don’t want to take off 😉

Our new clothing line! We partnered with Raw Threads to create our self love live inspired athletic line for all the girl bosses out there! #ptsisters

In honor of this new product launch we are doing a special << Special no longer available

NEW launch week special – get 10% off your purchase

DEAL ENDS July 1, 2017

We hope you are inspired as much as we were when we created this self-love live inspired athletic line when you wear your shirts. We hope you feel fit, fearless and fabulous…because you are!

This is for all our #ptsisters out there – YOU!

This is to inspire all the girl bosses out there!

Inspire you to go after your dreams. Dream big. Keep your heart open to all the amazing possibilities that the universe can bring to you.
live inspired athletic wear for girl bosses self love fun shirts

Thank you for your support and love.

Please share this with your fellow girl bosses, mom bosses and friends!

Keep up with us on IG! And keep up with Raw Threads on IG and make sure you check out the other great clothing they offer.


Lori and Michelle

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