How to overcome exercise addiction and find body acceptance

by purelytwins

Today we chat with a new friend that we meet through Katie Dalebout.

As soon as we read about Amanda’s story we instantly loved her and knew we had to share her story as we know so many of our #ptsisters can relate to it.  Get ready soul sisters to flex your intuition muscles, find empowerment through exercise and ignite your inner-inspiration with Mind Body Nutritionist and Pilates Instructor, Amanda Gyuran. Check out her retreat coming up in June, details at the bottom of the post to get 15% off.

After years of struggling with exercise obsession and binge eating, Amanda slowly watched her hormonal health, relationships and creativity dwindle away. It’s now her mission to help women embody their feminine energy, banish body bashing and rock their relationship with fitness so they can live more connected, more vibrant lives and pursue their passions with purpose. YESSSSS!!!!

How to overcome exercise addiction and find body acceptance

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Isn’t she the sweetest thing?

Her story is so inspiring, one we wish we knew about years ago when we had an exercise addiction. Like Amanda we used exercise to cover up our emotions and to feel accepted by others. This caused us to have a poor relationship with food, lost our passions, and struggled with relationships. Amanda discussed her mindset if “I didn’t workout enough I couldn’t eat or eat that much,” which we know many other girls think this way too.  Her relationship with food was dependent on her relationship with exercise. We had a very similar mindset and struggle with food and exercise.

Today's soul sister chat is a juicy one as we talk about the dark side of exercise with Amanda Gyuran. Learn how to overcome exercise addiction and find body acceptance. Being addicting exercise is a real thing and can cause a lot of damage to your health, affect your relationships and create disordered eating habits. We discuss the mindset around how much workout to how much you eat. Share this with your girl friends so we all can banish body bashing and feel love for ourselves.

Things we chatted about in the interview:

  • Her story
  • Chose food and fitness over relationships and her career
  • How she became addicted to exercise
  • Using exercise to numb emotions
  • Her two favorite self-help tools – affirmations and journaling
  • How she learned to accept herself fully
  • 2 things she does every day to feel her best

Thank you so much Amanda for chatting with us and our #ptsisters

Make sure to keep up with Amanda
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CHECK OUT her Pilates/Self Care retreat coming up in June! At the bottom of the page click “Apply Here” and you will be sent to an application. The first question on the application asks for your name and how you found out about the retreat. SAY  “Purelytwins” and you’ll receive 15% off the entire retreat which is all inclusive! AMAZING RIGHT? Thanks Amanda for sharing this special with our PT sisters.

More soul sisters chats are coming your way. Stay tuned.

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