How To Get Over The Mindset That My Workout Wasn’t Enough And I Need To Do More

by purelytwins

Am I doing enough in my workout or do I need to do more?

Should I workout until I’m exhausted? 

Have you ever thought this before? We sure did and it is a common question we get a lot from women, so we wanted to address this in today’s video. We have overcome this mindset as we came from working out 1-2 hours a day to now working out 20 minutes or less, and feel better than we did back them too. We hope our tips help you form a better relationship with exercise and no longer use exercise as punishment.

How to get over the mindset that My workout wasn’t enough and I need to do more

Share the video with your girlfriends that need to hear this message.

We hope this video has served you in becoming more aware of the mindset around workout was enough.

We see so many failing at getting results with their workouts for a few reasons, one being they are doing too much.

Are you ready to re-think the way you view exercise?

Do you struggle with the thought that your workout wasn't enough? We have a new video sharing 5 mindset shifts we had to make to get the idea that our workout wasn't enough, we need to do more. If you enjoyed it please share it with your girlfriends as we are on a mission to help girls workout less and love who they are. We have overcome this mindset - we used to work out for 1-2 hours a day to now working out 20 minutes or less, and feel better now too. We hope our tips help you form a better relationship with exercise and no longer use exercise as punishment.

5 mindsets to help you break free exercising for hours:

1 – Know you “why” – Are you doing it just for appearance? If yes, then most likely your workouts are never going to feel like enough. You’re trying to be perfect and will be thinking “I can do more…more..more.” Now we have talked about it before, but you can still have goals to change the shape of your body, but you deep a deeper why. It is for your health, to be there for your kids, improve your performance, energy, to feel better? Having a deeper why will help you sustain exercising instead of approaching it that you have to kill it every time leaving your feeling exhausted.

2 – Not feeling enough therefore your workouts never feel like they were enough. We talked about not feeling enough in our body image challenge. Start working on seeing yourself as enough now and this will start to reflect in all areas of your life.

3 – Focus on how you progress. The point of exercise is to help make you feel better not leave your feeling exhausted or leaving you feeling like you have to puke. Focus on progress – did you go faster? able to do more reps?

4 – Lack mindset. Think about exercise as a lifestyle. Something you plan to do for the long-term, not a short term thing. As we like to say – Working out for life. #purelyfitlife

5 – The big questions to ask yourself – answer it honestly in your journal – “Why do I feel I need to do more? Why do I feel my workout wasn’t enough? Why do I feel I need to workout for x,y,z?” Really take some time to sit with these beliefs around exercise and find out what do you believe. What’s your truth.  We’ve all been ingrained to think more is better, but slowly down and allowing for recovery is essential for optimal well being.

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Michelle and Lori

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Carl May 7, 2017 - 8:58 am

For me thinking about exercise as a lifestyle is the most important point.
I have been doing different exercise routines for almost five years now. I consider myself pretty fit, and with a healthy body, although I never achieved the sixpack abs and the looks that would get me to the cover of Men’s Health.
The moment I could detach from that goal, going to the gym became a lot easier. Now I view exercising as something I do to have more energy, to have vitality and feel good. So if I have a bad day at the gym, I feel unmotivated, I can still forgive myself. I don’t beat myself up for having a slice of cake at my coworker’s birthday party.
Whenever I get into the mindset of “the summer is coming, how will I look in my swimsuit?!?!?!”, exercising gets hard, and not much fun.
So my advice is: Unless you are getting ready for the Olympics, look at exercising as a lifestyle, and something that you do for your own gratification, and not looks, the admiration of others or any other external reasons.

purelytwins May 7, 2017 - 12:37 pm

Well said, thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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