How knowing your BIGGER Why will improve your relationship with food

by purelytwins

Good morning soul sister! We are super grateful for you being here as we have a new soul sister interview for you to enjoy.

Today we chat with Kasey Shuler. She is an ACSM fitness trainer and author of Love Beyond Looks: A 5-Week Bible Study on Body Image. Her passion is to help women get healthy bodies and strong spirits which we are all about too. So we are excited to share her story with you.

Let’s get to the interview. Learn how to slow down and ask what is it that you really need to do?

Why it’s so important to focus on your BIGGER why to create a better relationship with food and your body

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We hope this video has served you in taking the steps to loving yourself and focusing in your bigger why.

Like Kasey once we slowed down and focused more on our mission and the bigger reason why we are here, it really helped us shift our relationship towards food and fitness.  Lori was also able to relate with her because both our moms and have different bodies now post baby. They both focus on improving the body they have now not focusing on getting the old body back.

Why It's So Important To Focus On Your Bigger Why To Create A Better Relationship With Food And Your Body. Learning How To Slow Down And Asking What Is It That You Really Need To Do. Tips On How To Stop - Overeating.


Things we chatted about in the interview:

  • Her big why
  • Thought she had her path all figured out
  • Changing careers
  • Learning who she was and embracing it
  • How self love is a journey – peeling off the layers
  • Her 2 things that help her get to know herself
  • Feeling her emotions
  • Cloud of confusion
  • Power of your thoughts
  • 2 things she does every day to feel her best

Thank you so much Kasey for chatting with us and our #ptsisters

Make sure to keep up with Kasey:

Website: Kasey Shuler

Instagram –@kaseybshuler

Facebook – Kasey Shuler

Make sure to check out her book – Love Beyond Looks

More soul sisters chats are coming your way. Stay tuned.

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Michelle and Lori

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Kasey April 10, 2017 - 9:07 pm

Thanks so much for chatting and sharing, friends!

purelytwins April 12, 2017 - 12:31 am

Loved chatting with you.


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