Feeling your emotions for a deeper self-love practice with Kristi Snyder

by purelytwins

Every soul sister chat we get more and more excited to share with you. We love this series and all the wonderful women we’ve connected with through it. And we love hearing from our PT tribe about how they love them too. #ptsisters

Today we chat with Kristi.  We cover a lot of things, even a little about constipation, but the big topic was dealing with emotions. We know we have said it before but we will say it again it’s so important to recognize and let yourself FEEL your emotions. Yep to help you out in the bathroom you need  to let out your emotions.

How to deal with your emotions to create a deeper self-love practice



Share the video with your girlfriends that would love this.

We hope this video has served you in taking the steps to loving yourself and working through your emotions.

We had a lot in common with Kristi to not knowing who she was, learning to listen to her heart, ups and downs of learning to love herself,  facing our emotions and realizing the power of our thoughts.  Kristi also talked about letting go, which has been something we’ve struggled with, but just like with everything we get better with more practice. It’s not about being perfect. It’s a process. One we are all on.

In this soul sister chat we talk about emotions, letting go, trusting your heart and why getting to know yourself will change your life. We hope this video serves you and please share it with a friend. Self-love is a journey, start it now.

Things we chatted about in the interview:

  • Her story
  • Thought she had her path all figured out
  • Changing careers
  • Learning who she was and embracing it
  • How self love is a journey – peeling off the layers
  • Her 2 things that help her get to know herself
  • Feeling her emotions
  • Cloud of confusion
  • Power of your thoughts
  • 2 things she does every day to feel her best

Thank you so much Kristi for chatting with us and our #ptsisters

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Instagram and Twitter: @_kristisnyder

More soul sisters chats are coming your way. Stay tuned.

If you have a topic or question that you would like us to chat about please comment below. Thanks!

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1 comment

Sarah M March 24, 2017 - 12:12 pm

Can you chat about budgeting as entrepreneurs (both for your business expenses and personal), esp since it is two separate households involved? Always curious how other people do things!


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