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by purelytwins

It’s been 2 years of living eczema free, despite a few small flare-ups, which if you suffer from it or know of someone that suffers from it, YOU know you kind of always have it. We just have to be a little bit more mindful of how we are taking care of ourselves.


In today’s video I chat with Abby Lai. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and the founder of Prime Physique Nutrition, where she shares resources on natural eczema remedies through blog posts, eBooks, and videos. She’s also the creator of The Eczema Podcast, which was the first ever podcast that was solely dedicated to sharing natural eczema remedies. After overcoming very severe eczema for over 15 years, she is incredibly passionate about using her experiences and knowledge to help educate others on natural remedies for eczema.

I am SUPER thrilled to tell you about Conqueror Eczema Academy by Abby.  I was on Abby’s Eczema podcast which you click here to listen to, and then she reached out to me about this program she was creating and asked if I would supply some workouts for it.

I said YES of course! I knew there was a reason I went through eczema – to help others heal and I am honored to be included in Conqueror Eczema Academy. I provided workouts (most of them are the ones I did during my eczema days) and PDFs, plus some fitness tips for eczema suffers. I am a proud affiliate as well as contributor.

How to live with eczema and how to heal eczema

If you know of anyone that would benefit from my video please share it with them.

In the interview Abby and I talk a lot about the EMOTIONS around having eczema. Not only is a physical pain but eczema sufferers deal with a lot of emotional pain. Which really you know anyone suffering deals with emotional pain. This is why we chatted about it because it is a huge piece that many don’t talk about. This illness can be lonely, which is why both of us share our stories. I had many many hard days and nights where I didn’t want to go on. But deep down I still believed I could heal. You have to believe you can heal and then you will.

Learning to understand your emotions is crucial for healing.

Learn how to LIVE and HEAL eczema. I am 3 years of being eczema free and I chat with Abby from Prime Physique Nutrition and fellow eczema suffer. We chat about emotions, supplements and so much more. If you have eczema or know of someone who suffers I hope this serves you on your healing journey.

Everything is connected which is why Abby’s program is so good. She covers so much! Healing eczema is a long journey, but you don’t have to do it alone. CLICK HERE to start your journey to healing your eczema.

In the interview we chatted about:

  • her story
  • how emotions are part of eczema and how to deal with them
  • supplements to heal
  • the power of visualization and gratitude
  • dealing with the embarrassment of having red patches on your skin
  • gut health and mind body connection
  • how to handle flare-ups and how scary it is
  • dealing with losing HOPE, tired of struggling
  • healing is not linear – no quick fixes or clear path
  • the Overview Method – a tool to heal and deal with stress – something that has changed Abby’s life
  • how you have to relax to start healing – not easy to do
  • how to take your mind off eczema
  • importance of forgiveness

Thank you for allowing to share this journey with you and for the support.

Eczema sucks and I will do my part in helping others heal by sharing my story and tips.



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