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Highlights From Our Week:


Even though little miss Lyla isn’t fully crawling just yet, she still gets around! She is also getting really good at standing on her own. Growing up so fast and just a few days away from 7 months old. Crazy.

Isn’t her little outfit so cute? Since Lyla and Madison were born around the same time I have been able to reuse a lot of Madison’s clothing for Lyla (which is great). Although, she did get some new outfits like this one.

Auntie with her 2 nieces

Bonding time with auntie Michelle.

Auntie and her nieces…just missing Joy, but we get to see her soon!

Two year old girl eating raw dessert

We made up our banana tahini mesquite chocolate bar and Madison wanted to try it. For the most part she liked it, just not a huge fan of cacao nibs haha

Both Lyla and her love to eat what we are eating, so sometimes we have to be careful what that is. Now that Lyla is starting to eat more solids, she wants everything we have and gets fussy if she can’t.  

Madison at Dino Park

Madison brought her turtle with her on day to the park. He got a lot of mileage.

Mom and her two daughters at Pismo Beach CA

Beautiful day with my girls. All of us showing gratitude for being able to be living where we do here in CA. #soblessed

Plus Madison wanted to make sure that turtle made it into the family picture.

Plantain waffles

Plantain waffles with tahini and a side of broccoli and more tahini.

We’ve been making a bunch of waffles at a time and freezing them so we always have them ready in a snap. Perfect for busy days…which you know is every day 😉

Postpartum fitness journey with diastasis

Michelle and I did some of our workouts outside on my new back porch this week. Love it.

Nothing beats the sun in your face and being out in nature to reconnect with yourself and God while moving the body.

Sisters playing

Sisters playing together…a rare moment but I know as Lyla gets older and can do a little more Madison will want to play with her more. I love seeing them interact together, brings a big smile to my face.

2 year old at swim lessons

Madison wanted to take more swim lessons so yesterday was the start of more lessons for her. Despite it being cold out she did great. So proud of her and learning something new like swimming.

Paleo plantain bread

Plantain bread! Nice and thick. We baked it in a smaller circle pan to get it this thick. It was our 4 eggs to 200g plantains version for this recipe in a 6 inch pan with some coconut oil. 

Madison dancing with her dad.

Madison wearing moms tennis shoes while dancing with dad in the kitchen….too freakin cute.

#fitsoulbosses Shout Outs:

love our tribe

Workout love from our girls

Love hearing from our tribe!



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ashcash March 19, 2017 - 4:45 pm

Hi! I’m worried you won’t want me to post anymore by saying this (please don’t block me), but I feel I have to, because I love the PT Tribe, and care about you lovely women. Your messaging of self-progression, self-acceptance, a focus on happiness and growth is an excellent one, and you’ve made so much progress. Right now though, I’m responding to these sentences, and similar sentiments I’ve seen on your Instagram and blog before: “SO how do we approach food now? Well, it’s a mix approach of a few different things like carb cycling – macro counting – mindful eating – paleo – raw – carb back loading – intermittent fasting (done the PT way) – low sugar – mostly grain-free & gluten-free – moderation – this is our balanced diet.”

Frankly, L&M, I’m afraid that’s still the inner eating disorder speaking. No one who eats “intuitively”, who isn’t worried about their abs, who can just enjoy food without thinking too much about it, does any of that. Even serious athletes let their proverbial hair down with regularity and eat regular old pizza or brownies or whatever it is they want and like that they aren’t actually allergic to. Macro counting, carb cycling, staying strictly between 118-121 pounds, etc.– that’s all a lot of work and mental effort. It may manifest to physical health in the present, but it simply can’t be optimal for mental health. If nothing else, it’s using up a lot of brain waves that can be applied elsewhere in life! Like to work/business, love, friends, family, and so on. Your message about self-acceptance and happiness is inspiring, but for as long as its intertwined with disordered sounding ways of eating and thoughts, I think people will see that, and the mixed messages will hinder your business growth. Really heal yourself first, don’t worry if you have some tummy fat (it’s healthy and a positive message to Lori’s daughters!), forge wonderful relationships with other people, and then I think your message will resonate with so many more people who you can’t reach right now.

Much love,

purelytwins March 21, 2017 - 2:59 am

Hi Ashley thanks for the comment, we appreciate you stating this as we don’t mean to give mix messages. We think we understand what you are saying but we think you might be misunderstanding us. First not sure where you got that we only want to stay at 118-121 pounds, as we don’t even weight ourselves? We don’t spend much mental area around food as it might look like (which can be hard to get across from social media and all), and we do eat good old regular foods like pizza, brownies, ice cream and donuts that are full of gluten, sugar etc. Our statement about all of that was meaning we don’t care anymore what people want to call it – paleo, vegan, low carb, macros counting etc we just eat and somedays ya it was lower carb and then the next day it wasn’t. We like to have a plan but practice flexibility. And whose to say that having a plan makes it restrictive or not good to do. We believe in guidelines. We believe food should come easy so if someone needs bit more of a plan to keep food stress down then why shouldn’t they? Also we believe in changing up your eats based upon your current lifestyle, goals, etc, which is why we listed those things. All of those different ways of eating helped us learn our bodies, which for those that don’t know what to eat anymore they are good starting points. But the ultimate goal is to know your own body and what works for you, not from a diet. And a person shouldn’t feel bad if they follow a low-carb diet, do carb cycling, etc. We believe everyone has the right to do what is best for their own bodies, the biggest thing is that they are doing it for them from a loving place. We believe you can still have health and physical goals and do things with self-love and no extremes.

ashcash March 21, 2017 - 10:56 pm

Thanks for the nice reply! A few responses:

First off, you wrote a whole blog post awhile back about how you used to want to stay under something-like-115 pounds, and now you’re totally cool with 118-121… I might be misremembering the numbers, but it was close to that. Second of all, of course people have the right to do what is best for their own bodies, but anyone who is following a carb cycling protocol is devoting a ton of brain space to it, and I don’t see how that’s not super restrictive. It’s just not something that’s natural in today’s world (10,000 years ago, people may have been forced into eating patterns like that–I don’t think we can say that with any certainty and certainly not broadly across ancient cultures–but certainly not today). I’m glad to read your response though, and I think other people will be too. Out of curiosity Lori, what’s the confession?

purelytwins March 22, 2017 - 1:39 am

You are correct about the numbers but we never stay we have to stay at those weight numbers. That is just want naturally our bodies tend to always be at…it’s been this way for years. We don’t stress over it, it is just a number. It’s all in the own person’s mindset and perception to things, right? The same person could feel extremely restricted as another person could feel totally free. We are in a totally different world than to people 10,000 years ago. More access to more food, information etc. Just because someone does something, like carb cycling doesn’t mean everyone should. We personally find freedom in it that we can really eat whatever we want each day. We are in control. We never follow things to the “T” anyways. We have a plan like we said but also changing things up depending on so many different factors. Plan with flexibility. Hope this helps 🙂 Confession??

ashcash March 25, 2017 - 12:05 am

I was referring to this: “To my #retrainyourcore moms I sent out a heavy email about a confession that I am not proud of but forgiving myself and know I am doing the best I can.”

purelytwins March 26, 2017 - 3:03 am

Oh, it was that she hasn’t been as active in her RYC program. She was sharing her struggles as a mom of two.

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