Why self-love is important and how it can improve your life

by purelytwins

Have you questioned what is self-love? Why should you care? Does it really work?

We had those same thoughts about 3 years ago when we really started our self-love spiritual journey. If you asked us 10 years ago to love ourselves we would have laughed, said WHAT? How could we possibly do that there are so many things to “fix” or “change” about our bodies?

Well each year we commit to loving ourselves and seeing more love around us and within us, our world has been changing. Life had become more fun and we notice more beauty all around. We have more peace and less anxiety. We live more in the present moment instead of trying to fix what happened in the past. Today’s soul chat we share 5 areas of our lives that changed once we started loving ourselves. Parts of our lives that changed when we did this whole “self-love” thing. We hope this video serves you today.

Why self-love is important and 5 areas of your life it can help improve


Share the video with your girlfriends that would love this. We hope this video helps you in some way.

Choosing self-love doesn’t mean you are selfish and it doesn’t mean you are giving up, settling.

Self-love is needed to help you show up in the world as your best self, which therefor means you are more present and able to help others more. What is wrong that? That is not a bad thing, right?

When you start to do things from a loving place you make different decisions naturally. Decisions that will start to improve your life overtime.

New soul sister chat is up chatting about why self-love is important and how it will change your life. We share the 5 areas of our lives that started changing once we started coming place of more love. We hope this video serves you. If you enjoyed it please share it with your girlfriends as we are all worthy of love.

The 5 areas of our lives we saw improvement through self-love:

  • Body
  • Health
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Showing up better in the world which allowed us to spread more love to others

We want to help you see that self-love is available to us all. That there are endless amounts of opportunities when you see things with love. That there is healing, peace and happiness when done through love instead of fear. If were able to heal our health, skin, digestion, poor body image, end our food and body obsessions, find a career we love and be surrounded by loving people YOU CAN TOO.

The step is being aware of your life now and how you feel. Then ask for help and be open to receiving the help you get because most likely it will be difficult. But it is worth it.

Louise Hay was one of the first to help us start making the connection we can heal our bodies through how we talk to it.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from Louise Hay.

Love quotes from Lousie Hay. She was a big part of our healing journey and learning to love our bodies.

Other videos we mentioned in this video:

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Stress and your body – the reason your body isn’t changing

What would you like us to chat about next sister? What are you frustrated with, confused about or struggling with?

Sending you love today.

Michelle and Lori

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Leo Tat March 14, 2017 - 5:43 pm

Good discussion video on self-love Michelle and Lori. Self-love is not selfish at all since if we can’t even love ourselves, we can’t give love to other either. I am working at self-love at the moment too. I am incorporating affirmations.

I am wondering, have you come across muscle testing? If we use say a false statement before testing my muscle, our muscle becomes weaker. With this, we can test if we really love ourselves, by saying ‘I love myself’ and then doing a muscle test. If we find we get weak right after that muscle test, it means we still need to work on self-love. There are different ways to do muscle testing; I use my fingers.

purelytwins March 15, 2017 - 1:21 am

Love it. And yes we have done muscle testing, great technique.


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