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Highlights of purelytwins life and shout-outs to our Purely Twins community


Highlights From Our Week:

Family reading books before bed

Reading a new book called More than Mud. This is A MUST book to get for all moms out there that have daughters.

Toddler's first dentist appointment

Madison playing at the dentist office. She had her first appointment and she did great.

Trying to get her to brush and floss is a challenge, but slowly making progress.

Gluten-free paleo chocolate biscotti

Afternoon pick-me-up chocolate biscotti. 

My two girls

My two girls…got them both looking after a hundred photos haha

You have 4 minutes to change your life. Bex Life.

New book + Happy Cup + Grapefruit essential oil (helps uplift your mood, ease a stressed body and mind, and promotes positive feelings, which goes perfect with this book!). We are super excited to read @bexlife #YH4M book !! We love Bex so much and we’re so proud to be holding her book. She is a soul sister, mentor, teacher, and friend.

She is the reason we got into meditation as her approach is attainable for people like us who always struggled with sticking to a meditation practice. We learn so much from her and she inspire us to take care of ourselves so we can show up in the world better girls. This way we can serve others better and help more people because we have the strength, inner guidance and confidence.

Thank you Bex for all that you do. We are forever grateful for having you in our lives.

Make sure you get yourself a copy of her book!!! If you are new to Bex make sure you check out our soul sister interview with her here.

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie cake made from plantains

Plantain chocolate chip cookie cake minus chocolate sauce. Still delicious.

Big sis pushing little sis in stroller

Madison loves to push Lyla around in the stroller.

This is the back porch of our new home!

Baby and Disney Arlo

Lyla relaxing with her friend Arlo 🙂

Easy grain free paleo cashew chocolate chip cookie

Made our 4 ingredient cookies but used cashew butter…. SO GOOD.

Sisters playing

Madison gets more and more comfortable with Lyla.

There are still some days when she doesn’t want anything to do with Lyla, so we treasure these moments when they bond.

I have seen some other mom friends of mine struggling with their toddlers accepting the baby. Hugs to all the moms out there!

Vizsla resting

Jax resting…pretty much sums up how we all feel after the move.
Dad and daughter
Madison being like her dad 😉

Plantain waffle with peanut butter

Plantain waffles with peanut butter…this never gets old.
Just because the past didn't turn out like you wanted it to doesn't mean you future can't be better than you ever imagined.

As we learn and grow we have the power to change our lives with a single choice. Learn from the past as it doesn’t define you. This was big for us to finally understand and change our mindset on.

We are learning to embrace everything that happened in our past and do forgiveness work and every day wake up excited about the day. When you see things with more love your life becomes more magical.

What is something you are excited about right now? What is something you are ready to let go of? ????

#fitsoulbosses Shout Outs:

Workout love

Glad you enjoyed the workout @healthy_bff

PT recipe love xoxo

Love seeing your pictures !



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