Ana’s story: Overcoming being obsessed with being skinny

by purelytwins

Today’s soul sister chat is with a mom that shares her story of how she overcome her obsession with being skinny to not fearing food through her pregnancy.

Ana is a client of ours (She is a RYC Core momma and FIT party sister), and our stories have a lot in common from fearing fats to fearing food thinking we would gain weight.

Being Afraid of food in fear of gaining weight to loving food and your body again


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Ana overcome her body issues due to a difficult pregnancy.  During pregnancy, she developed severe heartburn so it was even harder to get enough nutrition. Therefore she had to eat other foods again, which helped her stopped being afraid of gaining weight because her focus now was on the health of her baby. After her pregnancy she’s no longer afraid of about eating certain foods because she understands food is fuel.

New soul sister chat with Ana. Her story of being afraid of food in fear of gaining weight to loving food and her body again. And how she came to this place of peace might surprise you.

Things we chatted about in the interview:

  • Her story of being obsessed with being skinny
  • Fear of fats and she got over it
  • How pregnancy helped her learn to love food and her body again
  • Her new motivation for staying and being healthy
  • Tips for all the moms out there that are pregnant or thinking about it
  • 2 things she does every day to feel her best

Thank you so much Ana for chatting with us and our #ptsisters

More soul sisters chats are coming your way. Stay tuned.

If you have a topic or question that you would like us to chat about, or have someone you want us to interview  please comment below. Thank you!

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