#opentoselflove day 2 Mirror Work in our bathing suits

by purelytwins

Welcome to day 2 of our #opentoselflove 5-day body image journey!

Today we are stepping outside our comfort zone even more with doing mirror work with you in our bathing suits. Coming from girls who suffered from body dysmorphia for the majority of our lives this is huge. We are sharing it and doing it with you because we know first hand how powerful and life-changing mirror work can be. We wanted to share some things and our story to inspire you to give it a try.

Doing Mirror work to see Your body with More Love

Mirror work is looking at oneself in a mirror and practicing positive self-talk and positive affirmations.

Yes you will feel silly and awkward at first when doing mirror work.


Keep. Going!

Mirror work is a powerful tool to improve your self-love with your body.

Day 2 - MIRROR WORK. #opentoselflove Come join us in our bathing suits .Mirror work is looking at oneself in a mirror and practicing positive self-talk and positive affirmations. This video is to show briefly how we do mirror work for self-love and to show we are not perfect. We have scars, cellulite etc. and we discuss body dysmorphia. Just because we are "thin" doesn't mean we don't have body image issues. Click to watch how to do mirror work to improve self confidence and body love.

Looking back at old photos, we remember being so insecure in our bodies. Even with our obsessive “dieting” behaviors with restricting certain foods and cutting calories and working out like crazy to get “lean”, it didn’t matter. We still felt worthless and not enough. We thought to achieve that body we so desperately wanted we would be happy, but that didn’t happen. We still found things in the mirror to pick on about our bodies. Something always to be fixed!

We would feel so much guilt and shame when looking at our bodies in the mirror. But now we are grateful for our bodies. We see strength, courage and determination.

Let us know how your mirror work goes! We know this is asking you a lot of you. You don’t have to show yourself in a bathing suit, but maybe show your face smiling in the mirror or just a picture of your mirror. Be sure to add the hashtags #opentoselflove #ptsisters @purelytwins so everyone can join in on the love and courage you are doing!
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If you missed day 1 about feeling ENOUGH click here to check it out as it’s a super important step to creating more self-confidence in yourself.

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Make sure to sign up and share with your besties because we all deserve more self-love.

When you start to LOVE YOUR BODY more, you’ll notice that you will workout because you love it, eat nourishing foods and speak with more love.  And you’ll find more happiness, confidence and success in all parts of your life.

We were terrified if we reduced the amount of workouts we did and if we stop counting calories..would we gain weight? Would people judge us?

Would we just eat all the time, lose control around food? Mindful eating wasn’t easy for us at the beginning, which is why we had other food tools to help us. All of which we share inside our SOSL program.

Majority of the time it’s our thoughts around our bodies that are holding us in a prison of not-enough-ness.

We are doing this #opentoselflove challenge as well as why we created our SOSL program is to help women free themselves from this war with food and their bodies…and stop all the obsessions with trying to be perfect.

So many of us women feel guilty, bad and full of shame. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can let that all go.
You don’t have to wait to live the life you desire, full of freedom and passion.

Let us show you what it would be like if you freed up all that space in your head where obsessing over food and body image resides. You’ll be amazed at what you’re capable of when Fear no longer rules you. A life of Love and peace awaits.

Remember it’s normal to fluctuate a bit when you start the process of honoring your true hunger and releasing restrictions around certain foods. Here’s the funny thing: when we got mindful about our eating, it got a ton easier to stay at the same, fit size consistently! We have been at the same weight for over 6 years, and this also comes with working out LESS.

Let us guide you here to having full freedom in your life, especially around food and your body.

For more advanced food mindset training:



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