How to improve self confidence with our 1 minute exercise

by purelytwins

Today’s soul sister chat we talk about confidence.

Confidence is something we struggled with for years, and through our journey we have learned a BIG missing piece to getting that confidence we so desperately desired. Self confidence is something you can get better at and there are several things that can help improve it. We dive deep into topics like this inside our Stop Obsessing Start Living program (which doors for enrollment will be opening soon, we are so excited!!!).

If you are struggling right now with being comfortable in your own skin we hope this video serves you.

How to improve your self confidence by spending one minute with yourself

Share the video with your girlfriends that would love this.

We know Gary V’s all about self awareness which we love! Self awareness is important when boosting self confidence because it helps you get to know yourself. Why is this important? Because it allows you to become stronger from the inside therefore giving off a more positive, confident vibe.

Looking back we wish we knew this.

In high school and in college,  we were jealous of those girls that would walk into the room and you could just feel her positive energy. She walked and talked with confidence.

We would sit there with a million negative thoughts running through our heads making us doubt ourselves and making us feel not enough. This brought down our energy and mood.

It makes sense why we felt we had no confidence in ourselves.

Basically we didn’t know us.

We didn’t think people would like “us” so we turned to outside things (exercise, food, alcohol, even compliments from guys) thinking those things would give us that radiant confidence.

But it didn’t. You know our story of never feeling good enough and basing our self-worth off the opinions of others and our appearance. Our vibe we were putting off into the world was low, no wonder we felt no one liked us.

We share this because we want you to realize that you can be “that confident” girl.

So we ask you, what is the energy you are putting out there?

Is there something you need to work through that is holding you back?

How well do you know yourself?

Getting to know yourself takes time. We all have old stories and negative beliefs telling us we are not good enough and these stores take time to let go.

Boost your confidence, change your vibe and increase self-awareness with this one exercise.

So are you ready for our 1 minute challenge?

We are calling it My Minute.

If you struggle with feeling confident in your body you might just be doing this one thing causing you to feel not confident or that no one likes you. Learn how to improve self confidence with this one minute exercise. Learn to become more confident in your body. It is possible.

Learn to become more confident in your body in one minute a day. It is possible.

Why just one minute?

Because it’s long enough for you to stay connected to your thoughts and it short enough for you to actually do it. We all know, if we don’t do the work we don’t see results.

Does that make sense? Do you see the importance of this?

We all got 1 minute to spend on ourselves to better ourselves, right?

We are all worthy of love, happiness and yes confidence.

Remember people are attracting to your vibe, your energy.

Stop turning to food, exercise, alcohol and even guys to find confidence. (Now don’t get us wrong exercising and eating a healthy balanced can help with confidence as it did for us but it’s MUCH deeper than that). It’s about getting to know YOU.

Let us know what topic you would like us to chat about next.

Michelle and Lori

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christine February 10, 2017 - 3:27 pm

just want to tell you that i miss your recipes! why no more recipes, you are so so genius, and creative with recipes and you should make more books!!!
And your daily eats, and day and your life!!!
this is my favorite blog for plantain recipe, you should edit a book with all yours plantain recipes i made them everyday since you start your blog.
thank you.

purelytwins February 11, 2017 - 5:12 pm

We are still doing recipes 😉 We have some lined up, just other focuses right now. We do have a plantain ebook –

So happy to hear you love plantains too!


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