Big reason to why your body still isn’t changing (hint it’s more than food and exercise)

by purelytwins

Okay before we share how to get your dream body we want to mention we don’t really like the word “dream” body but we think you understand what we are getting at as we all have an idea of what we want our body to look like. And really what a dream body is will be different for us all right? Now we aren’t claiming we have a dream body or you should try to get one, as there is not perfect dream body. It’s about being proud of who you are while going after your fitness goals as there is still nothing wrong with wanting to change your body. We just don’t want you to go to extremes to do it or that you attach your self worth to what you look like. 

If you catch yourself struggling to reach your dream body or having a hard time changing your body this post is for you. Or struggling to change your body even when you think you’re doing everything else right?

The kicker here is that the reason why your body isn’t changing is not just from exercise or even your diet.

We’re keeping things real and honest over here like always. We wanted to share this big insight with you. A hard lesson we had to learn and don’t want you to go through what we had to. We are personal trainers and lifestyle coaches who love to help women change their bodies and love their bodies at the same time.

But the truth is, changing your body isn’t done just through how or how much you workout or what you are eating. There are other very important factors that are often overlooked.

Today we are focusing on STRESS! You might be thinking, “I know stress is bad so what’s new,” BUT we are talking about something that most people don’t mention or talk about.

The internal stress from what you say and think to yourself will prevent you from transforming your body. When you get your mind right your physique will follow.

Mindset is probably the biggest problem and a problem so many of us overlook. We know we did for years. It wasn’t until we started our self-love journey that we realized it all starts in your mind and we want to help you learn from our mistakes.

How to transform your body by Changing your Thoughts (Your internal Mind chatter)


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We have a history of doing too much especially around our workouts. We overexercised for years and our health and happiness paid the price. We stressed over how much we worked out, what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, we need to do more, we never felt good enough, etc for years. This internal stress really took a toll on our wellbeing. Soooo much internal chatter that wasn’t positive or useful in helping us reach our goals.

So many of us hear how stress is a key role in having a healthy life but these key ‘internal stressors’ are being overlooked.

We hope to change that. We want to inspire you to change your internal stressors to have the body of your dreams (which you probably already have it). Because you deserve to feel happy and confident in your body.

We are fans of body acceptance and loving your body now and that comes from understanding how you talk to yourself is the key to change. We hope this video sheds a light into something that maybe you haven’t given much attention to and how it is hurting your results.

Yes your mind is the BIGGEST reason why you’re still unhappy and why your body doesn’t seem to be changing.

How To Get Your Dream Body! What you say to yourself is so important and often overlooked in fitness programs. You need to address your internal stressors! To transform your body it is a lot more than just diet and exercise. The body will achieve what the mind believes. We all know stress is bad, but the stuff in our heads is just as harmful as external stress. In this video we talk about internal stressors. We feel they are the BIGGEST reasons why you're still unhappy and why your body doesn't seem to be changing. We want to inspire you to change your internal stressors to have the body of your dreams. Because you deserve it. CLICK to find out how to achieve your fit healthy body from a place of LOVE.

Things we chatted about in the video:

  • Importance of all kinds of stress and chronic stress getting in your way to fat loss and changing your body
  • Why internal stressors were the hardest for us to realize but the biggest ones to change our bodies
  • What we consider internal stressors are (feelings of guilt, comparison, not feeling enough, perfectionism).
  • Put so much focus on external stressors and why we need to focus more on internal stressors
  • Can’t change your body (achieve that dream body) while struggling with inner stressors.
  • How stress makes it harder to read body’s signals
  • How stress affects your performance in workouts – see more about this here.
  • How stress affects your nutrition and sleep
  • What we want you to do to change your internal stressors to start changing your body, most importantly changing your life.

You deserve to be happy in your body now and moving forward as you continue towards your goals. We hope our insight on the importance of internal stress is to performing and looking like that body you dream of.

Action item we want you to do today to start changing your body in a positive way that lasts:

Keep track on a piece of paper what you’re saying to yourself. Instead of tracking what you are eating, how much, etc. we challenge you to focus more on your interval talk and keep track of that.

This allows you to slow down more and get more in tune with your body to make change happen. Start saying more positive things to yourself. This will talk time but to change the lifestyle you have to change your mind.

Remember what you eat and how you move your body is important in transforming your body but what goes on in your head matters most. If you want our help and train with us daily we invite you to join our fit soul boss sisterhood.

If you have a topic or question that you would like us to chat about please comment below. Thanks!

Michelle and Lori

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Sarah January 10, 2017 - 2:31 pm

There seems to be a strange problem with the video audio – at several spots, it speeds up significantly for a few seconds before reverting back to normal, and the effect is garbled and cartoonish. I don’t know if it is a youtube issue or a problem on your end, but figured you’d want to know! I’ve noticed it in other videos of yours but never this frequently.

purelytwins January 12, 2017 - 3:32 am

It is an editing feature, we do it to add some humor in. We got the idea from a snapchat filter.

Cassie January 11, 2017 - 4:33 pm

This was such a sweet, honest and thoughtful video! I truly need this as I’m starting a weight gain journey to restore some parts of my health that are declining. Going back to a route that is closer to a terrible part of my past (aka when I was overweight and unhappy) is terrifying, but I know this is for myself. The stress with it takes a really heavy toll on my happiness, my digestion, my sleep and how I view food too. Thank you again for posting!

purelytwins January 12, 2017 - 3:32 am

Glad it helped! Just know you are taking care of your body and health and that is the most important.

Fitaholic Gear March 31, 2017 - 4:56 am

Thanks girls, for this excellent post and video! I have been in a weight loss plateau for over 3 months now, and have been feeling really disappointed in myself. I will try to keep a log of my thoughts apart from my training and dieting logs. I will take your advice and try to sleep more and stress less, and let’s hope the scale will start showing the results I expect soon. Thanks again – you are looking great!

Emmy August 16, 2018 - 2:33 pm

Thanks for sharing, it’s so hard to change when your mental attitude isn’t there. Often times we are our own biggest critic and judge. We never think that we are good enough or ever going to reach our goal. I feel like visualizing the end goal definitely helps. We have to learn to accept ourselves as we are and be in the present instead of worrying about every little thing we ate and then get discouraged, yet again. You’re right we have to keep a positive mantra/ voice inside our head. Thanks again for this positive self-love post.

purelytwins August 17, 2018 - 5:00 pm

So glad it helped!!

jespher February 20, 2021 - 11:56 am

This was a particularly, fair and insightful video, Thank you for posting!


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