The best posts of 2016

by purelytwins

Highlighting our top posts for 2016 plus ones you enjoyed the most. Thank you for your support. Thank you for being part of our online family. We are so grateful for you being here reading our blog each day. For all of your comments, for your encouragement and even just for being here. It means a lot to us.

At the beginning of this year we shared 8 ways to change your life that really help set the tone for us this year.

This past year we continued to share ways to improve your life here on the blog. We only what the best for you and will continue to share what we do to help you!

Our top 24 blog posts of 2016. So much has happened this year. We are so grateful for your support!

Top Purely Twins Posts of 2016:

Happy thoughts.

Our soul sister chats !!

This is something we are loving and know they will help so many girls! We are a mission to help 100 million women see their bodies with love and to see they are worthy! And you watching them and sharing them you are helping us in this movement to change how girls change they way they move, eat, speak and think.



Would you really love yourself more if you weighed less or had 6-pack abs?

Struggling to get clear skin or form a better relationship with your body? We share tips that helped us overcome our skin struggles. #1 is a hard one to overcome and #3 is very important to be more aware of.

Tips to get clear skin (acne and eczema)

Do you find yourself struggling to reach your weight loss goals? Any goal that you have set for yourself? You might be approaching it all wrong. We share 5 tips to help you reach your goal while practicing self love. We believe self love helps you go after your goals. What do you believe?

Tips to reach your goals and practice self-love


8 books to change your life


Michelle celebrating being eczema free for 2 years!

After years of being obsessed with trying to find that thing (diet, workout, product,etc) to "fix" us because we didn't feel good enough, we have started to shift that mindset during our self-love spiritual journey. In this Soul Sister chat we address a question about breaking free from the "fix/not enough" mentality. We share some starting steps you can start to take to help you feel enough and realize that you aren't broken.

How to overcome the “I am not enough” mentality  (this is something we struggled with for years).

Still don’t love your body despite how much exercise you do

Big sister showing off her best big sister shirt for baby #2 announcement.

Lori finding out she was pregnant with second child.

postpartum belly checking for diastasis at one month postpartum after second baby

Lori checking her DR one month postpartum after baby 2 and having a great success with smaller gap!

Launch of Lori’s Pregnancy Workout Program 

Confused on what are the best and safe CORE exercises to do during PREGNANCY? Especially to help prevent DIASTASIS. Here are 3 must-do core exercises that work the deep core muscles to keep the core and pelvic floor supported as your belly grows over each trimester. Note there are NO front loaded exercises which is key.

3 core moves to do during pregnancy to keep your core strong and help reduce a large ab gap postpartum

Did you know that you can do prenatal exercises to help your body and baby be in optimal shape for a quicker, easier natural childbirth? Here are tips to help you prepare for childbirth and labor. Sharing exercises, stretches and lifestyle tips for you to practice before giving birth.

Exercises and tips to prepare for labor

Parents celebrating their daughters second birthday.

Celebrating Madison’s 2nd birthday

Holding baby Lyla for the first time after giving natural delivery at the hospital. Birth Story.

Celebrating the birth of Lyla


Michelle attending a live entrepreneur event – doing something outside my comfort zone

Cold morning at Avila Beach CA

Our new life in California! 

Yes, working out less can actually be a good thing for your body. See how working out less will actually change your body in a positive way. If you're tired of working out for long hours without seeing results this post is for you. It's time to workout smarter not harder to get fit and happy.

Our obsession with working out for hours and still struggling to like our bodies and be happy.

Girl boss working from home doing what I love.

19 things we do ALMOST daily to make our days better.

Disney Toontown to meet Mickey Mouse for toddler or baby to do at Disneyland Adventures part. See other great rides and attractions to do with young children at Disneyland in California.

8 things to do at Disneyland with a toddler


How we used to workout for an hour and more to what we look like now workout out 30 minutes or less a day

Twin sisters running an online business together

Sharing our biggest confession – Orthorexia

Raw vegan paleo bars that is packed with superfoods like raw cacao, banana, tahini, coconut butter and mesquite flour. For a healthy decant dessert. Ready in minutes. No flour. No grains. No refined sugar and no eggs. Come and see how to make (video follow along) this No Bake Chocolate Banana Mesquite Bar recipe.

9 tips to help with binge eating


The struggle with comparing yourself 

We are proud and excited for all the self-love talks we’ve done and can’t wait to share more tips in the new year!





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