A better way to create goals, reach them and enjoy doing it

by purelytwins

Today’s soul sister chat we talk about goals related to feelings and how important that is to creating your goals or intentions.

How many times have you set a goal, didn’t reach it when you wanted to or even achieved it at all, and they just felt awful because you didn’t reach it? Felt like a failure?

What will you do to feel the way you want to feel?

Well we realized so many of us are putting too much focus on the outcome and not enjoying the journey of getting there.

We got this inspiration from Danielle LaPorte.  She shares how focusing on how you want to FEEL then create your to-do lists off that makes going after them more enjoyable. We totally agree.

We feel creating your goals or intentions this way helps you avoid those feelings of feeling bad for not reaching a goal.

When you focus on how you want to feel every day you will find yourself doing things during the day that will help you achieve that desired core feeling.

 How to create goals you feel good about, achieve them and have fun doing it

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You might feel like everyone around you has it together, moving forward in their lives and have a great sense of direction and purpose. But we all have that within us when we slow down and ask ourselves,  “how do I want to feel? What do I want? What do I desire? What makes me feel good? bad? What do I need to do to reach that feeling?”

First ask how you want to feel. What do you desire.

Then create your to-do lists from that core desired feeling.

This will make going after your goals more enjoyable and FUN. Just like we say with your fitness and health journey, you have to enjoy the journey. We are all a work in progress.

Struggle with reaching you goals? Not happy with your life and don't know how to move forward? In this soul sister chat we talk about a better way to create goals, actually do them and enjoy doing it too. You feelings are the true thing you are after. We got the Desire Map Planner and excited about 2017. We want you to join us!

We’ve shared our thoughts before on The Desire Map book and how much we enjoyed it. We just love her approach with focusing on feelings.

This past year we tried to focus more on how we want to feel when we did things.

Each month we got better with it. But when you do make this shift in your thought process, even how you do things, you’ll feel more accomplished and alive when you do it from your soul. So many of us hide our feelings because of society. We don’t want to look weak, or bad for wanting to feel a certain way.

But it is your life. You are in control of how you want to feel. Once you realize this and take ownership then you can start to create real positive change in your life.

Be yourself that is success

Love this! So true right?

When we show up as PURELY US that is success.

We are super excited to use the Desire Map Planner for 2017. As we mentioned in the video things have already started to manifest 🙂 Powerful stuff!

Make sure to ask yourself when approaching the new year –> how do you want to feel in 2017?

Being you is success.

Remember to focus on what you want. What is in your heart.

When you focus on how you want to feel you will start living the life you want to live. It takes courage. It takes us to stop playing the victim.

But you we are #ptsisters and we can and we will reach our dreams one day at a time.

Are you with us?

Are you a weekly or daily planner?

Let us know what topic you would like us to chat about next.

Michelle and Lori

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Ruth December 21, 2016 - 11:48 am

Great idea and a new-to-me perspective. I’ll have to think about this for my journaling topic today. Thanks for the inspiration!


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