How to stop anxiety around food and what your body looks like to have body peace

by purelytwins

Hey soul sister!

Today’s soul sister chat interview is a fabulous one with a friend that we’ve met through blogging and actually this was our first time actually “meeting.” We had so much fun chatting with Kasey that this interview could of been an hour.

It is crazy how much we have in common with Kasey. We truly love connecting with like-minded women and being able to help one another get our messages out there. As you will hear from Kasey her eating disorder changed over the years as did ours, and the journey will never end. Body peace is something you for life.

How to let go of controlling food and exercise and learn to love your body

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Kasey talks about fitness, food, balance, and being true to you! She is a true inspiration and beautiful soul.

She is a best selling author and blogs over at

One thing we just love that Kasey mentioned was how we are not here to feel miserable, restrict and hate our lives, but are here to thrive and feel good. Amen.

Like Kasey college is where our issues started as well. Back then we didn’t realize we had a broken relationship with food. You’re just doing what you “have” to do be healthy and look a certain way. Kasey too got really lean and had major health and skin issues like us from constipation to eczema and pretty much feeling miserable and knew this wasn’t the way to live.

How to let go of controlling food and exercise and learn to love your body. In this soul chat Kasey shares some great tips to healing anxiety and forming a better relationship with food and exercise so you can have body peace. You might be thinking, " I am just doing what I have to do to be healthy." We all had those same thoughts too and our issues with food and body image started in college. But restricting and trying to keep your body lean will hurt your health, skin, digestion and more. Click to start your new journey to loving food today.

Things we chatted about in the interview:

  • Her journey to body peace
  • Her struggle with anxiety
  • Always trying to control something so turned to food
  • She chats about her eating disorder
  • What she learned in therapy
  • How her relationship with food and exercise changed in college.
  • Her obsession of what her body should look like lead her to do fitness competitions
  • Her light bulb moment when she realized there was a better way to live – she needed to fall in love with herself
  • The magic happens when you’re uncomfortable
  • How she started adding fats back into her diet
  • Her two non-negotiables to be happy and feel balanced

Thank you so much Kasey for chatting with us and our readers.

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Her book – Bodypeace – Awesome book and a huge part of our healing journey a few years ago. Check out our review of the book here.

More soul sisters chats are coming your way. Stay tuned.

Michelle and Lori

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