Lyla’s 2 month update

by purelytwins

I am finally getting around to sharing Lyla’s two month baby update. Life with 2 kids keeps me busy. A lot of changes. In a good way but definitely different and more tiring. Time really seems to go by so fast. In just a few weeks Lyla will be turning 3 months old. Crazy.

Mother holding baby girl at 4 weeks old.

Here I am holding Lyla when she was 4 weeks old. She has grown and changed so much already.

If you missed Lyla’s birth story you can read that here.

I still cannot believe I am sitting here writing about Lyla’s baby updates and that 2 months have already gone by. Actually as I am sharing this post almost 11 weeks have gone by! If you follow us on Instagram (purelytwins) you’ve probably already seen some crazy moments in our lives. I wouldn’t change a thing. Life is full of ups and downs. I have my challenges for sure as a mom of two and running an online coaching business.

  • trying to get both kids to nap in the afternoon at the same time so I can get work done…so far hasn’t always happened
  • trying to divide my time between both kids while finding time for myself
  • trying to squeeze in my core workouts, which normally happens around midnight before I head to bed

I love every crazy moment. I love this “season” in my life. Things were so busy that I didn’t get to post a one month update.

My 2 month old baby girl Lyla


I was actually going back and forth if I was going to be doing these baby updates like I did with Madison.

I decided I would do my best to share baby updates for those that are interested as I love reading things like this.

I didn’t get to do a video update for these first two months but there’s always next month.

Lyla is similar to her sister Madison at 2 months old yet with some differences. I love seeing Lyla’s personality start to develop.

second child turning one month old update

Lyla’s one month photo. Can’t believe how little she used to be.

The first month flew by but it had it’s challenges. I had help during those few weeks from my mom being here and then Gary’s parents coming for awhile too.

I was a walking zombie those first 4 weeks and everyone here was getting used to having a baby in the house.  It was a stressful week of getting used to taking care of two kids. I had my moments of tears because I had a fussy newborn and a 2 year old having tantrums left and right.

I didn’t suffer from any postpartum depression as I think staying active, having help, and taking my encapsulated placentas pills helped. I was very emotional though. Taking it one day at a time helped and knowing things would get easier. And they have and I know each month it will get better, but also each month will have it’s challenges. I am ready.

Little sister turning 2 months old and yawning in the picture for her update.

Lyla at 2 months.

Apparently bored with the photo session 😉

Lyla turning 2 months. Giving blog update.

At her 2 month check up she did great. She weighs over 10lbs and is growing like a weed. The doctor was so impressed and told us we don’t have to come back until the 4 month mark.

I am breastfeeding Lyla exclusively like I did Madison. At first it was a little rocky. I guess I kinda forgot what it was like but after a few days it all started coming back to me. Overall Lyla is doing great with nursing. She does have some nursings where she gets fussy but in general nurses well. Makes mom happy.  She is also getting one bottle (with my pumped breastmilk) at night so either Gary or Michelle gives her the bottle. I added in the bottle around 4 week mark just like I did with Madison.

2 month old baby girl update

I kept some notes when Madison was a baby as we followed Baby Wise. Great book.

It worked well with Madison and so far it is going well for Lyla. They are pretty similar so far but Lyla is more quiet than Madison.

Madison started really making baby noises little before 2 months and was loud. Lyla is more soft spoken. I know that might change but I love hearing her baby cooing. It’s so cute. She is very loud when she cries though. She makes her voice heard for sure.

Her “witching hour” varies it seems. Each week it gets better and better but oh boy those first 6 weeks were hard.


Sleep is going okay. She is still waking up around 4am most nights and I am working on dropping that nursing. She generally does 6 hour stretches at night and is in her crib now. I made that transition once she hit 2 months. We are still swaddling her and plan to drop that after 3 month mark. She wakes up anywhere from 6-7am. We don’t have a real consistent schedule with her yet, which is to be expected as she is still young.

Her naps are good. Right now she is taking 4 naps. 2 in morning and 2 in afternoon. Most naps right now are in moms arms or me baby wearing her. I plan to start putting her in the crib soon for some naps.

We’ve started her bedtime routine starting at 6pm. She gets her bottle then it’s time to get ready for bed. She is usually asleep in the crib by 7 pm.

2 month old baby girl making cute faces .I love seeing Lyla’s smiles and cute little face expressions.

One thing I have noticed with Lyla is that she likes to sit and watch her surroundings. She loves watching her big sister. And not sure what Jax is haha.

She recognizes voices and faces now and smiles when she looks at you.

She is not the greatest at tummy time. Usually only last 5 minutes before crying hysterically. We’ve to keep her tummy time short and do it a few times throughout the day. I hope this gets better over time.

Big sister playing with her 2 month old baby sister.

Madison is getting used to her little sister. Lately she has been interacting with Lyla more (which I love to see because at the beginning it wasn’t so cute). Madison had a hard time adjusting to having Lyla in her life now. Each day it has gotten easier and Madison I think is starting to understand that Lyla is her sister.

She now gives Lyla hugs, kisses, pats her head, and brings her lots of toys. Just recently Madison starting saying Lyla’s name. I love it!

For me, I am still a walking zombie. Mom life is hard. Not going to lie. I am so grateful to have help. Transitioning to having 2 kids has been difficult yet rewarding at the same time.

I am doing my best not to worry as much as I did with Madison. Having done this before I do catch myself being less stressed and know that I am doing enough. I am a great mom. Which as moms we all have those moments where we think we aren’t doing enough, but we are. We all have it within us.



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Nafise November 8, 2016 - 5:09 pm

oh, you are such a great mommy :*
why one bottle every night before bedtime?

purelytwins November 8, 2016 - 11:29 pm

thanks. one reason for the bottle at bedtime is for her to have some bonding time with her father since she doesn’t see him much


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