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by purelytwins

Highlights of our week and shout outs to our Purely Twins community.


Highlights from our week:

2 year old walking vizsla

Madison loves walking Jax. They are best buds.

Baby wearing - mom wearing 2 month old daughter

We try to time going to the park late afternoon for Lyla’s last nap of the day as she tends to be more fussy around that time.

She loves me wearing her. She instantly falls to sleep. I love being so close to her.

2 year old girl dino park CA

My little wild one. She loves being outside.

She is my adventurer. She definitely keeps everyone one their toes.

Selfie at Pismo Beach

We all love seeing the water! So blessed and grateful for being here in California. It’s crazy to think about that we’ve been here in CA for 6 months. We love it.

Aunt and niece chatting

Serious conversation with auntie. Mom is not allowed, haha.

Paleo plantain pancakes

Plantain pancakes. 

Nothing beats them. Madison enjoys them too.

Raw coconut bliss dessert bar. Paleo.

Coconut bliss bars. mmmm the best

We made the filling this time out of coconut kefir and it still worked. This dessert soothes the soul.

Aunt and niece playing in sand

More talks with auntie with the dinosaur.


We cannot get enough of these parsnip dinner rolls. Good thing they are easy to make.


Madison loves seeing the ocean as much as we do. The waves have been so big that you can hear them crashing at our house which I love.


This little one is growing up so fast. I meant to do her 1 month update. Never had time. So then I was playing on sharing her 2 month update yesterday but didn’t get it up.

I will see if I can get it up this week. xoxo

Week one postpartum fitness journey to heal diastasis. After baby 2.

Finished week one of my full 16 week program – Retrain Your Core. I also filmed 2 new real time workouts for it.

Feeling good. Taking it nice and slow with my postpartum fitness journey to keep strengthening my core and protecting my separation around the belly button.

Trust the universe Book

We love what we call “me time.” That “me time” varies when we do it but some time throughout the day we spend sitting down, usually enjoying some coffee with a snack and reading a book to keep our minds positive and learning new things to teach our clients.

It’s so important because we are wired to think negatively, and we love learning new things every day.

Plantain soft batch chocolate chip cookies are the perfect snack to feed your soul.

We are a few pages into Gabby’s new book Trust The Universe. Loving it so far and excited to keep reading. We are taking our time with it and really taking it all in.

When you are feeling stuck or desiring something you don’t have it’s important to reflect on your thoughts, your experiences, our life. Take ownership.

Decide what you want and do it.

#fitsoulbosses shout outs:

Purely Tribe #ptsisters doing their home workout and checking in with us

Love seeing your workout check ins on Instagram girls!




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GiGi Eats November 6, 2016 - 11:45 pm

Checking out the Parsnip dinner rolls, RIGHT NOW! 😀

And Happy 6 Months in Cali ANNIVERSARYYY!!!


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