Weekly sparks

by purelytwins

Highlights of our week and shout outs to our Purely Twins community.


Highlights from our week:

Aunt holding 2 month old niece

Seeing miss Lyla smile and recognize voices.  She loves hanging with her auntie Michelle.

Family walk at Dino park in Pismo Beach

Family walk at the park.

Snuggles with grandma

Snuggle time with grandma.

Dessert time with the twins Irish coffee and pumpkin chocolate cups

Enjoying delicious  Irish coffee with pumpkin chocolate cups.

We updated this chocolate covered pumpkin fudge recipe.

The best raw dessert banana mesquite chocolate bar

We also enjoyed the best raw dessert. Yep it is the best. Chocolate banana mesquite bar. 

The whole family enjoyed it!

Toddler running on pismo beach

Madison loves running all over the beaches around here. It was a gorgeous day out when we took out parents out to the beach.

The sun was out and a light breeze. So lovely! Nothing beats this view.

Fitness trainer that workouts at home getting fit and strong and helping other ladies do the same.

Love my  workouts. Love my clients who inspire and hold me accountable.

Lori and I are excited to get to know all of our new sisters that joined our sisterhood. We’ve got so many fun things coming to the members area.

Toddler playing with pumpkins

Madison trying to sit on the pumpkins. Silly girl.

Vizsla dog sun bathing in sun

Jax enjoying the sun. Apparently sitting in his bed would be too much effort.

Gluten free paleo meal of plantain waffles primal mayo and turkey

Green plantain waffles with paleo mayo and sliced turkey.

We’re obsessed with this mayo. We get Primal Kitchen mayo.

Aunt reading book to niece that is 2 years old

Reading new books with Madison that she got from Pop (her grandfather).

Toddler relaxing on chair.

Madison just chillin in her chair at school 😉

She is doing great at the school we go to once a week. It’s a lot of fun.

Toddler painting at school

The next Vincent van Gogh. xoxo

She already loves drawing and really enjoyed painting with water at school. I love this idea and hope to do it here at the house as it’s a great outdoor activity for toddlers.

Postpartum fitness journey after baby 2. Doing a diastasis safe move squats.

I (Lori) think I’ll be starting my full 16 week postpartum fitness diastasis program Retrain Your Core very soon. I am so excited to start regaining my overall strength again as my core gets stronger each day.

#fitsoulbosses shout outs:

Our PT girls in action. xoxo

Love seeing your pictures on instagram girls!




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