Binge eater, atheist turned spiritual teacher

by purelytwins

Hey soul sister!

We have a new soul sister chat interview for you to enjoy today. It’s just Michelle in this one as Lori was on kid duty. This was the first interview we’ve done ever since Lyla was born, so we are still trying to figure out the best times to do work.

You’re in for a deep soul sister chat today with our soul sister Thais Guimaraes.

I actually just recently came across Thais and her work when I attended the Entrepreneur Edge live event. I got to hear her speak and hear her story and I could relate to her so much.  I knew immediately that I had to contact her for during a soul sister interview. There is so much I could say about her. She is a true inspiration and an amazing teacher. She’s real, sassy, caring, beautiful and powerful. You are going to love her!

Binge eater, atheist turned spiritual teacher

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As I was editing the video I realized I could talk with her for hours. Just like with all the previous soul sisters we’ve had chatted with as we have a lot in common so many of them. We all had our own dark moments and looked within ourselves to heal.

Thais’s story of finding God is powerful. She knew life had to be different. That there was something else guiding her.

I remember during my hardest moments I thought God was punishing me or something. But really God was trying to sending me signs. It was just up to me to listen and be open and allow for change. One thing I learned on my journey to heal was God wants us all to succeed, to be happy. We just have to trust Him and let our inner spirit guide us. Even though it may not seem like God is hearing your prayers, He is!

Thais turned to food and exercise to help her “cope” like many of us do. She realized that it wasn’t fixing anything. She had to rediscover she is worthy of all that she desires and it hasn’t nothing to do with what she eats, the gym or her body. She now helps women reclaim their worthiness something we empower you and our clients to do. Because we ALL can do this. We all can have a loving relationships with our bodies, with food, with money and go after our desires without any shame or guilt.

We just have to realize what is really going on, sit with it, forgive yourself, and commit to try something different. Give yourself permission. Make a choice that you’re worthy. As Thais would say you have to realize the importance of your emotions. Recognize and allow, which can be hard to do.


We have a deep soul sister chat with your today with the wonderful Thais Guimaraes. A former anxiety prone, binge eater, atheist turned badass spiritual teacher. Click to watch Thais share some amazing insights to loving your body and food and to feel WORTHY. Share with your girlfriends.


Things we chatted about in the interview:

  • Her binge eating story
  • Her #1 step to healing
  • Her dark night of the soul story – her rock bottom moment and how she let God in
  • Self-love and how we are responsible to take care of ourselves
  • Shame and guilt and what they really mean
  • The 1 thing she did first on her spiritual journey
  • How she ate whatever she wanted and where that got her
  • How the real issue has nothing to do the food, gym, weight or body
  • How to start feeling worthy – a two things to do first
  • The idea that we don’t have to “struggle”
  • Her two non-negotiables she does every day to keep her balanced and happy

Thank you so much Thais for chatting with me and our readers.

Make sure to keep up with  Thais:
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Instagram – coachthais

Podcast – Be Amplified podcast

Check out The AMPLIFY Collective – a movement changing the way women network

Do you find yourself  be trapped in the “struggle”? How does your spiritual practice look like?

More soul sisters chats are coming your way. Stay tuned.

Michelle (and Lori)

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