Madison’s second birthday

by purelytwins

I still can’t believe Madison is 2 years old. I can remember holding her for the very first time.

And now … 2 years later she is my little girl. No longer my baby (in my heart she will always be my little baby).

Today, I am sharing some highlights of Madison’s second birthday party. ┬áSince we moved to California we don’t know anyone so the party was small. It was just us, Michelle and Gary’s parents who were in town visiting.

Michelle and I made one round of our vanilla cupcake and chocolate cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

Blowing out birthday candle on our homemade gluten-free and grain-free cupcake to celebrate daughters second birthday.

Madison was unsure of this whole candle thing and having to blow out the candle.

2 year old eating her gluten-free and grain-free cupcakes at her second birthday party.

She liked the part of eating the cupcakes and licking off the frosting.

Parents celebrating their daughters second birthday.

Once a family of three.


Now family of four.


Gary and I are so grateful to have two healthy girls.

Opening presents at second birthday party.

After eating some cupcakes it was time to open gifts.

At first Madison didn’t understand the whole gift thing but after opening up the 3rd gift she started to understand what was happening. She got more and more into opening up the next gift.





I got her a cleaning set with broom and a mop for her gift and she loved it. She loves cleaning.

It was a successful birthday party for miss Madison. She had a great time and enjoyed all her new toys. She got a few new books, a puzzle, floor cleaning set, cowgirl hat, a new dress and some Toy Story toys.

Madison goes in for her 2 year doctor check up here soon. But overall she is one active, happy, strong, stubborn, funny little girl.

She is saying more and more words everyday and starting to try to put a few words together into a sentence. We still haven’t tried potty training again. I am hoping to try again soon.

I have signed for some activities to do together with our first parent-child activity is tomorrow morning. We are also going to be doing swim lessons here soon. I am excited to get Madison out and about and meeting other little kids.

And each day she is starting to really like having her new baby sister around which makes me so happy. I love seeing her come over and talk to Lyla. My heart melts.

Madison, my dear little princess, I am looking to celebrating many more birthdays with you. I love you so much. Love mom.

See Madison’s first birthday party here.


Lori (and Michelle)

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Natalia September 30, 2016 - 12:51 pm

Happy birthday, Madison. My Hannah loved seeing the pictures of you opening your presents.


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