The best way to work out to get lasting results

by purelytwins

Our view of working out has changed over the years. Especially how we work out and how we VIEW our bodies.


Over the past few years we have focused more on moving our bodies in a loving way. Every single day. We no longer workout as a form of punishment for what we ate or to look at certain way. We NO longer feel like we need to do MORE in our workouts as if what we did wasn’t enough.

We no longer have the dreaded feeling of “I have to workout.” But we “get to workout”. We are grateful to have bodies to move in some way. We even enjoy rest days without any guilt. All of this is huge accomplishments for us.

Besides that it’s scientifically proven that movement releases feel-good endorphins, and we are all about doing more things that make us feel good, we use it as a way to strengthen us from the inside out. It’s just us and our bodies. And when your workout is only 12 minutes or 20 minutes long you stay focused for that time.

For us personally we can get behind that and give it our all. Your moving from one exercise to the next. No time to think about anything else, so you truly can be present in your workout. We love that.

Working out is our way to reconnect with our spirits. It’s our moving meditation.

We mix up what we do for movement every day because we get bored and we want to challenge the body differently. Switching things up keeps us interested and inspired. This is what we do inside our online workout membership program.

Movement also helps us release stress, clear our minds, makes us more productive and gets our creative juices flowing. Seriously every walk we go on we are both Chatty Cathys. Ideas just running out of our heads.

We use our workouts as meditation. A way to show our body love. A way to become more in tuned and aligned with our bodies and souls.


When we first started our fitness journey our mindset and goals were geared to looking a certain way.

Overtime this made us feel not good enough. It was mentally tiring.

When we shifted our focus away from what our legs, abs and overall bodies should look like all the time…because that was just creating a constant battle in our minds…instead focused on how we want to feel our relationship with fitness and our bodies change for the better.

We were tired of hating our bodies and just wanted to treat them with love.

Can you relate?

When you do make this shift you start to feel amazing. You notice other areas of your life improving too. We know our new approach to exercise will help you too!

When you do make this shift you start to feel amazing. You notice other areas of your life improving too.

When we’re constantly thinking negative thoughts it makes it hard to be successful in other aspects of life.

This is why we believe in working out less to live more.

You work out just enough for health and feeling good but not leaving you so exhausted that you aren’t as productive for the rest of the day.

We work out to help us feel our best. The workout supports our bodies, our business, our purpose, our relationships by making us stronger inside and out.

Once we started looking at exercise in that way, everything else got better. Even our bodies started changing (and were able to maintain a healthy weight for years) and our performance improved.

We feel it’s because we are coming from a loving place instead of punishing ourselves through movement.

We all need to remember we are good enough, right now.

If we do take care of ourselves have a strong mind, healthier body and stronger emotionally – it’s going to enrich our lives and those around us.

Focus on the sense of movement and notice what’s happening in your body.

When you do this you take the attention away from what you look like, how much you weight or how much weight you’re lifting and instead focus on how you are feeling?

It’s about being present in your workouts.

One reason we love short workouts! You’re less likely to get distracted with other thoughts.

And no time for comparing, right? You’re moving to one move to the next focusing on your form and how you’re doing.

This is kind of like meditation through movement.

This is life changing. Empowering.

Give it a shot and let us know how you start to see positive changes happening in your body and life.

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Lori and Michelle

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