Anorexia to obesity to happy and balanced life

by purelytwins

We have another soul sister chat interview for you to enjoy today.

You’re in for a wonderful soul sister chat today with our soul sister Kim Schaper. We became connected with Kim this year and actually got to met her a few months ago at a business retreat with our business coach.

Long journey to find body and food freedom: anorexia to restrict and binge to obesity to happy and balanced

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We are so happy to have Kim in our life. She is strong, powerful and so sweet. Some parts of our stories are similar in regards to being athletes to trying everything in diet and fitness and not being happy and turning to food to “fix” everything.

We all have a strong belief around the importance of the mind in regards to fitness and food. All of it is tied together : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Kim openly shares her struggles to let other women know they are not alone, something that we do here at Purely Twins. Some of these topics are hard to talk about, let alone admit to yourself. But seeking HELP is important, not something we should feel bad about. It was hard for us to do – asking for help. Just like Kim, we are so happy we did.

Please find time for yourself and don’t be afraid to seek help. Know that is true strength and courage!

We hope our stories and all these soul chats have inspired you to realize that you don’t have to be alone on your journey.

A long journey to heal from anorexia to restrict and binge to obesity to living a happy balanced life. Soul sister chat with Kim Schaper. You'll love this one! Filled with talks about community, emotions, food and exercise.


Things we chatted about in the interview:

  • Her long journey to heal her eating disorder
  • Importance of community
  • Anorexia, binge eating, restricting and obesity
  • Not feeling comfortable in her body despite being “fixed”
  • Hitting rock bottom
  • The perfect meal
  • Allowing herself to fall
  • Things women have a hard time talking about
  • Her two non-negotiables she does every day to keep her balanced and happy

Thank you so much Kim for chatting with us and our readers.

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Do you journal? If so, how has journaling helped you learn more about yourself?

More soul sisters chats are coming your way. Stay tuned.

Lori and Michelle

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