How journaling can help heal your relationship with food and your body

by purelytwins

We are super excited to continue on with our soul sister chat interviews.

Today we have a fun insightful soul sister chat with Katie Dalebout from the podcast Let It Out, which is one of our favorite podcast to listen to. We’ve know Katie for years and have been through a lot of the same things when it comes to food, exercise and body image. We had a blast chatting with her and know you will enjoy the interview as well!

How journaling can help heal your relationship with food, exercise and body


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We love Katie so much. She is a true soul sister. We love seeing her transform over the years into the amazing woman she is today and blessed to have her as a dear friend. She is sweet, caring and funny.

Our stories mirrored so much as we all used to have so much focus on what we were eating and what our bodies should look like.

None of us knew who we were as individuals and our food labels became our identity. Over the past few years all of us went on a spiritual journey to get to know ourselves beyond food.

As Katie mentioned in the interview you can become too addicted to self-help and personal development stuff just like with food and exercise (which we started to notice ourselves heading down that road too at the start).

It’s really all about finding balance, learning more about yourself every day and keeping life FUN!

Let It Out with Katie Dalebout. We chat about how to heal your relationship with food, exercise and body through journaling. How getting to know yourself is the key to finding happiness and balance in life.

Things we chatted about:

  • How she healed her eating disorder
  • Her story into journaling (which is pretty cool!)
  • Let’s talk feelings and letting them out
  • The dark side of the health industry
  • Being known as a wellness girl and what she focuses on now
  • The problem with social media
  • What she wants people to get out of her book and podcast
  • Her two non-negotiables she does every day to keep her balanced and happy

Thank you so much Katie for chatting with us and our readers.

Please make sure you check out her podcast and her book (links below). They are both amazing!

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Podcast – Let It Out

Book – Let It Out – a collection of journaling tools to help people find self acceptance beyond their physicality

Do you journal? If so, how has journaling helped you learn more about yourself?

More soul sisters chats are coming your way. Stay tuned.

Lori and Michelle

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1 comment

Dexter Jackson October 7, 2016 - 11:19 am

I am a fan of journaling my food consumption. It was one of my stepping stone to achieve my total body transformation.

Having a food journal will help you achieve your daily nutritional requirement. It can also help you to track whatever food you ate that cause stomach cramps or allergy.

Nice post btw!


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