Lyla’s Birth Story

by purelytwins

I am finally getting around to writing Lyla’s birth story. I wanted to write this and do a video while all the details were fresh in my head. Although I feel I probably missed a few things.

Here I go…

Lyla came early. A week and one day early to be exact and I am so happy she did.

Sharing Lylas birth story. I was able to have a natural birth again with my second child. I couldn't believe how fast it went!

I had no idea what to expect with this labor. I was mentally prepping myself for a few weeks.

Madison’s birth story was similar yet different.  I was able to do a natural birth with her and I set my mind that I could do it again.

All I can say this second labor was fast. I still can’t believe it. I feel incredibly blessed and so grateful that everything went smoothly and quickly!

Let’s start with Wednesday August 24th, 2016:

Nothing was different. I felt the exact same as I had been the weeks prior and didn’t think I would be giving birth the next day that’s for sure. I had visualize that I would be giving birth on Friday so technically I knew it was close.

Ate lots of spicy chocolate to help speed up labor.

I ate a lot of spicy foods this week hoping to get things going. Guess it worked! 

Thursday August 25th, 2016:

4:15am I wake up with this pressure that I had to go pee. As I roll out of bed I have some water gush out of me. I continue to make it to the restroom and sit there wondering was that my water that just broke?

With no other signs I go back to bed. Of course I couldn’t sleep.

4:45am I get another sense of pressure but more intense and more water gushes out (makes my pants all wet). I go to the restroom and text Michelle letting her know what is happening.

5am Michelle and I lay on the floor in my living room and decide to meditate.

By now my contractions haven’t changed. They weren’t that bad.

6am Gary wakes up and asks why are we on the floor. I tell me what happened and he is shocked.

He ask does that mean he shouldn’t go into work?

6-8am My contractions are about 10-12 minutes apart and not intense.

Smelling essential oil grounding blend during contractions for labor to keep mom calm.

I am walking around my house breathing, realizing that I might be having a baby today and sniffing my essential oil grounding blend to keep me calm. I couldn’t have done it without it!!

I get ready for the day.

8am Gary takes Jax (our dog) to the kennel and tells me to call the doctor to let them know that we think my water broke.

8:15am I call my doctor and they say go into hospital to let them check me.

9am Gary and I pack up the car. I gather my food, essential oils and grab a coconut water for the car ride.

Gary and I say goodbye to Michelle and Madison and head to the hospital. The whole car ride my contractions haven’t changed and I am still sniffing my grounding blend.

9:30am We arrive and check in at the hospital. They put Gary and I into our room and started hooking me up to see what my contractions are like.

I had contractions now about 5-8 minutes apart and a little more intense.

The nurse checks me to see how far long and tested to see if my water did break.  Then she unhooked me so I could walk around the room while we wait for the test results about my water breaking or not. Nurse said she will be back in 40 minutes to check on us.

Gary and I start pacing the room back and forth as I was doing my breathing and saying my affirmations out loud. Telling myself over and over that I can do this, I can do this. And every once in awhile I would smell my essential oil grounding blend to calm me down.

About 10:45am We continue this pacing of the room for awhile and my contractions start to get even more intense where I really have to focus on my breathing and nothing else. Then all of a sudden I get this sense to go sit on the toilet. So I proceeded to the restroom and sat on the toilet for awhile. For some reason this felt good to me. It’s crazy how certain things, movements and positions can really help you feel safe and good while in labor.

As I was seating on the toilet the nurse came back in and had paperwork for me to sign. I was trying to control my breathe to sign the papers as my contractions shifted dramatically. Then the other nurse to check me again came into the room and asked me to make it to the bed. I made it to the bed. I couldn’t believe how fast things started to change. Like really fast. I was slowly starting to lose my focus on my breathing but Gary pulled me back to it. I really couldn’t have done it without him. He was a rock for me during this whole time always making sure I was doing my breathing techniques and using my focal point.

The nurse checked me and I was 6-7 dilated. I continue to labor on the bed , on my left side, while focusing on my focal point as I breathed.  My focal point was starring on Madison’s nose on the picture.

The nurses could tell that things had dramatically changed for me and that I will be having this baby soon. Like really soon. They call my doctor to come and another nurse to come help.

About 11am As the nurses were doing their thing I was doing my best to stay strong. It was hard. I had fear come over me during some of the contractions and thoughts like I can’t do this. I am scared. Then Gary would get my attention and bring me back. Again having a strong support team is so important!  The contractions continue to get more and more intense, my body starts shaking and I am starting to yell and scream at this point. Yes, I am that pregnant lady that screams. For some reason yelling really calms me down. Gary continues to get me to back to my breathing and I try.

I enjoyed the breaks in between but just like with Madison the breaks were really short. In both births my contractions came fast and often so I didn’t get much break. But any break was greatly appreciated. I didn’t get to drink much water so I felt my body getting dehydrated. I did good at the beginning but as soon as the contractions increased in power and intensity everything was thrown out the window. All I could handle was focusing on my breathing to get me through.

Then finally my doctor came into the room and by this point I was screaming that I want to push. My doctor gets ready as I get in my pushing position and it’s pushing time. I was THRILLED.

I was so excited to push that the first push I wasn’t doing it the most effectively. Once my contraction past and was resting before the next one to come, one of the nurses goes over with me again to hold my breathe as I push it will help. And it did!  My second push was much more effective and then one more rest before my last push. On the third push Lyla was out! Along with all this pressure. I was so happy.

They handed me Lyla and allowed us to be for a little bit before they cut the umbilical cord, which Gary got to do.

Holding baby Lyla for the first time after giving natural delivery at the hospital. Birth Story.

I laid there in completely awe holding my second baby girl and being so happy.  It was over. She was finally here. I was able to give birth naturally again. I felt so incredible blessed.  Everyone in the room couldn’t believe how fast it went. We had arrived at the hospital about 2 hours before.

Lyla was 6lbs 13oz and 19 inches long. Very similar to Madison which is crazy!

I had no major tearing and just needed on stitch (again just like with Madison).  Lyla struggled a little bit to latch on to start nursing. We eventually got there and she nursed for a good while. The whole time I just sat there starring at her thinking how beautiful she was and how I am so honored to be her mom.

Water broke at 4:15am and had baby Lyla at 11:22am.

So crazy. Everything happened so fast once we got to the hospital. I barely had time to think – things were moving extremely fast!

It was such an incredible experience that I will never forget. Nothing beats holding her for the very first time.

Holding baby Lyla for the first time after giving natural delivery at the hospital. Birth Story.

I went into this second birth with the mindset of I am going to give another natural birth and feel empowered and strong. Saying my mantras at the beginning really helped with this.   I kept telling myself this birth was going to be quick and I was going to be calm for it. Well, it was fast and for the most part I was calm for it. I am so incredible proud of myself.

Being able to do another natural birth I learned even more about myself, that I am strong. I am capable of anything I set my mind too. Giving birth hurts don’t get me wrong and it is hard, but our bodies are capable of anything and we are all stronger than we think.

Holding baby Lyla for the first time after giving natural delivery at the hospital. Birth Story.

Baby girl.

Dad holding his second baby girl for the first time.

Aunt and big sister seeing baby sister for first time.

Family of 3 now a family of 4.

Family of 3 now a family of 4.

Big sister meeting her little sister at hospital.

This second birth was absolutely perfect for us. Lyla’s birth was everything I dreamed of and more. Another life changing experience for me. I’m so thankful for the way it turned out and feel incredible proud of myself.

I wanted to share my birth with you for inspiration. It doesn’t matter how you get there as the most important thing is healthy baby and healthy mama!

Sharing my personal natural birth story for inspiration.

I hope my birth story inspires you.

May God bless you too. God gave me the strength to get through this!

Thank you for letting me share my birth story with you.

I will be back with my personal postpartum recovery journey and updates about Lyla.

At home with baby girl. Big sister adjusting to having a baby in the house.

We are so excited to be at home with our new baby girl. Big sister, Madison, is adjusting to having a baby in the house. She shows interest in her baby sister but generally she is not sure about this big change. Madison’s behavior has changed which I expected but it is hard on me. She calls for me and I can’t always be there for her. Big adjustment for us both. But I know we will get through it!

Mom holding her second baby girl at 3 days postpartum.

Holding baby Lyla here at 3 days hold.

I can’t as I am sharing this birth story with you today that she is now 7 days old!!

I plan to share Lyla’s monthly updates like I did for Madison.



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Jess September 1, 2016 - 1:30 pm

Aww congrats Lori! She is so sweet! Enjoy being a family of 4. I have such a similar birth experience with my second daughter as well! The transition for Madison will take some time, but she will adjust. My daughter just turned two and my second one just turned a month old! You mentioned in your video you will be posting about your recovery and eats, is that on the blog or in PF membership?

purelytwins September 1, 2016 - 2:39 pm

Thank you Jess for the kind words! xo For the recovery part of my journey I will be doing a some highlights here on the blog and on social media, but the exact plan I am following is inside my Retrain Your Core program and private FB group I share more in the life moment things I am doing. 🙂 xo

Sara September 1, 2016 - 10:32 pm

Congratulations on the new baby! I am so envious…only 3 pushes?! I just had my first child (all natural) and pushed for 3.5 HOURS. Women are so strong though, the human race is lucky childbirth is left to us 😉

purelytwins September 1, 2016 - 11:49 pm

Thank you Sara, 3.5 hours you’re a rockstar!!! xoxo

Sandra Laflamme September 1, 2016 - 11:10 pm

Congratulations! What a sweet baby girl who has now joined your family!!

purelytwins September 1, 2016 - 11:49 pm

Thank you Sandra! We are so blessed and happy xo

Meme September 1, 2016 - 11:15 pm

Congrats!! When baby latched did you have colostrum come out fast or it took a while? I had issues with mine

purelytwins September 1, 2016 - 11:50 pm

It took about a day for my milk to really come in.

Heather September 4, 2016 - 9:52 am

Ya’ll I had to laugh when you said you were Googling how ones water breaks????????! How did humanity exist without Google?????????????

purelytwins September 4, 2016 - 1:27 pm

haha seriously Heather 😉 it’s the best!


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