38 weeks pregnant with baby #2 – getting close!

by purelytwins

Less than 2 weeks to go.

I remember saying that when I was pregnant with Madison.  I can’t believe I will be a mom here soon to another baby girl. I am so excited.

Life like at 38 weeks pregnant with baby #2

Every day I am getting more excited and ready for labor.

I am focusing on having this baby soon. I am ready. My Braxton Hicks contractions are still happening. And baby #2 is in great position so now we are just waiting…

I have a small frame and for me and pregnancy I am mostly just belly. A lot of belly. I was the same with my first pregnancy.

Strangers are coming up to me now and telling me how huge I am and asking if  I am due soon. At first, it hurts me, but then I tell myself my baby bump is beautiful – no matter how big it looks. The most important thing is having a healthy baby. Everyone will carry pregnancy differently and this is just how my body handles it. I love my body for being able to carry a second child. Our bodies are really amazing and I respect my body so much.

Mom life at 38 weeks pregnant with baby #2

Things over here have been great. Madison is growing up so fast I feel like. The house is all ready for another baby, although I am not sure if Jax is ready, haha. I’m curious how he will react when he sees another little one coming into the home. Probably oh another one that will be jumping on me and pulling my tail. 

38 week pregnancy baby bump action. Proud of my baby bump with baby #2. Less than 2 weeks to until labor, getting excited.

Food cravings?

Nothing really. All food sounds good along with lots of chocolate.

With Madison I started eating and enjoying spicy chocolate around this time so I am thinking of trying the same thing (in hopes it helps with going into labor soon).

Any symptoms?

Wedding ring is still on. No extra bloating or swelling.

Every once in awhile I get some pelvic pain. I get Braxton Hicks contractions which always gets me excited as I tell myself each one is bringing me closer to holding my body. 

Sleeping is becoming difficult. I toss and turn so much which isn’t the easiest thing anymore.

Stretch marks?

Most of my stretch marks are around belly button and left side of belly that I got from my first pregnancy. Just like my last update my belly is itching like crazy.

And I will admit getting stretch marks is hard – mentally. I think I see some more coming around belly button area and it makes me a little sad. But then I remember that stretch marks are a sign of beauty and strength and that I am still worthy and beautiful.

38 week pregnancy baby bump action. Proud of my baby bump with baby #2. Less than 2 weeks to until labor, getting excited.

Miss anything?

Being able to walk and do things “normally” without having a large bump in the way.  Showering has become a little bit more challenging.

How is my skin?

No complaints. I have been very pleased with how my skin handled this second pregnancy.

How is digestion?

I have been getting minor heartburn. Besides that my digestion and bowel movements have been the same for the past few weeks.

Total weight gain?

About 16-17 pounds I think.

How’s the baby girl #2 doing?

Awesome! She is a doing great.

At last week’s checkup I heard her heartbeat (which always brings a big smile to my face) and she is still in good position for birth. Yay!  She continues to move around during certain periods of the day. I seriously can’t wait to be holding her soon!

38 week pregnant and working out. Filmed new pregnancy safe workouts to do at home and help with diastasis recti during pregnancy.

You can read more how I am doing my workouts differently with this pregnancy here.

How are my pregnancy workouts going?

My body still feels good doing workouts. I don’t push myself too hard and do lots of bodyweight exercises. I actually have been taking a few more rest days here recently. I try to walk every day but there have been a few days where I didn’t squeeze one in. Chasing Madison around keeps me active for sure.

I filmed my last pregnancy workout for my pregnancy program a little bit ago. I was able to film 30 brand new workouts. I am so proud of myself and can’t wait to help moms workout safely during pregnancy.

Mom playing with first child while being at 38 weeks pregnant with second child.

Quick Madison update.

Madison is doing great. I feel like she is growing up so fast. I know a lot of moms feel that way about their kids, it’s so true.

She definitely has experienced a growth spurt because she can now touch on top of the counters. So nothing is safe anymore. I am finding myself saying NO more.

She still likes drawing but is realizing she can “draw” off her white paper onto the floor and walls. Really anything she can get her hands onto. Luckily they are washable and I have been trying to let her know that we color and draw on paper. I try to keep the house clean with picking up her toys and then 2 minutes later Madison comes around and makes a mess again. I’m coming to realize that it might be a few years before my house is clean and stays clean.

She continues to add new words to her vocabulary and now is starting to say 2 words together.  I love it. She gets very frustrated though when I don’t understand what she is saying.

One big challenge I am starting to have with her is food. She is starting to get really picking on what she wants to eat. She knows what NO is and likes to say no to anything I offer her.  I am still offering her as much variety as I can as I know sometimes you have to introduce a food to a child a few times before they will try it or even like it.

Madison now sleeps in her toddler bed, her crib actually converted to one so made the transition super easy. She loves sleeping in it. So next big transitions is taking away pacifier when she sleeps (that’s the only time she has one) and then down the road we will try potty training again.



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