Weekly Sparks

by purelytwins

Highlights of our week and shout outs to our Purely Twins community.


Highlights from our week:

2 year old toddler girl playing in backyard in California with her Vizsla

Seeing Madison and Jax playing together in the backyard.

38 week baby bump action while eating breakfast of a high fat high protein avocado protein mush with cacao nibs.

Enjoying my favorite breakfast bowl with baby bump action.

2 year old toddler girl using washable crayons to draw.

Watching Madison enjoy drawing. Although she is now starting to draw off her allowed white paper and onto the floors and walls.

38 week baby bump with second baby with first child standing with mom.

Seeing my belly grow and grow. #38week baby bump along with Madison curious about mom’s belly.

Broccoli breadsticks for a fun healthy side to dinner.

Eating yummy broccoli breadsticks for a side dish with dinner.

Crazy California fog at Dino Park in Pismo Beach

Having such crazy fog some mornings at the park.

Toddler playing at doctors office.

Madison and daddy joining me for my 38 week baby check up. Everything looking good.

Recipe lifestyle bloggers behind the scenes action of taking new recipe pictures.

Snapping behind the scenes action of Michelle taking food pictures for a new recipe coming to the blog.

Click here for the recipe – pumpkin marshmallow bars

New gluten free grain free chocolate peanut butter cake

Enjoying another new recipe that will be coming to the blog soon – click here for the cake recipe

We are trying to get ahead on recipes before baby 2 arrives.

Female entrepreneur attending money mindset live training.

Michelle having an incredible time and life-changing experience here in LA at The Entrepreneur Edge LIVE with Joanna Turner.

Mom and 2 year old in the kitchen together making recipes.

Making a mess in the kitchen with Madison. She loved helping out, if you follow us on  IG stories you would have seen all the action. It was so much fun.

She loved scooping the nuts into a bowl and making a mess all over the counter. Michelle and I love how she is getting more interested in what we do in the kitchen.

Mom and daughter playing at children's museum in San Luis Obispo.

Smiles and giggles at the children’s museum this weekend.

Bought plantains off amazon to be shipped home.

Ordering plantains off Amazon for the first time. We were super impressed. So if you can’t find them locally get them shipped to you. We got about 6 good size plantains with most of them being green!

chocolate gluten-free homemade biscotti and lactation cookies.

Prepping a whole bunch of snacks and food to have stored in the freezer for when baby #2 arrives. Here we made our chocolate mesquite biscotti from our Purely Twins Classic cookbook along with a few rounds of Lori’s lactation cookies.

Making homemade gluten-free grain-free cashew vanilla biscotti.

We also made a round of our sugar-free biscotti and  a round of our all-time favorite biscotti from our Purely Twins Classic cookbook the cashew vanilla biscotti.

2 year old big sister helping dad clean baby sister's car seat.

Watching Madison help her dad out with cleaning her little sister’s car seat (which is Madison’s old car seat).

#firsoulbosses shout outs:

New #ptsisters recipe love and new fans!

Ladies love seeing your #purelytwins creations.



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