How we are preparing our online business for baby #2

by purelytwins

Hello fellow entrepreneur,

We have a new PluggedIn video for you.

We received a question from a reader about how are we preparing our coaching business and blog before baby #2 arrives. We love this question and wanted to address it here.

PluggedIn is the series on our blog where we like to share business updates and things we are trying to help inspire  you or help you in some away.

Like many moms-to-be or mompreneurs running a small business and/or blog can seem overwhelming as the big date approaches or with kiddos running around the house.

At the beginning you may start to question what to do about maternity leave:

  • Who will run the business to keep money coming in when you don’t have an employer paying you?
  • How do I balance work-life balance when I run my business from home?
  • If I am my business what do I do? How do I keep up everyday business/blogging things?
  • I want to be present for my kids, but I also need to be there for my clients, answer emails, etc?

I know I had those feelings and still do at times.

Preparing online business for a baby

Share this video if you have a friend who is pregnant  or has kids and has a business. Thank you.

Michelle and I are doing our best to get ahead in a few projects like recipe making before baby #2 arrives here soon.

Do things in batches.  We try to make about 3-4 recipes in one day, which gets us about a months worth of blogging content as we do one recipe a week. Then we spend one day editing all the photos and videos. Now this doesn’t always happen, but we try. Check out how we cheat at blogging.

Have one main focus a day of the project you need to complete. Focus on what projects you need to prioritize to do first and other projects that can wait.  Be okay with slowing down your workload or hire more help at the beginning.

Create forms of passive income. Ways you can have money flowing to you without you really having to do anything. A few things we do to help give you ideas : blog (we have ads on our site), online courses (we have a few), and affiliates (you don’t actually have to make or ship the product you just talk about it and have a special link that you make commission off of when people use it). Struggling with ideas for blogging we share two fun things to try to grow your blog.

Another option that is like affiliates is MLM. Yes we know some people are for them and others hate them. We personally think done right there is nothing wrong with you using a product and then sharing about it with others and asking for people to join your team so they can better their lives. When you are doing it with the right intention there is nothing wrong with letting others know about this amazing product(s). We do this with our essential oils. We know others that do it with skincare products and food/supplement products. Just make sure the product you pick aligns with your values and mission.

If you're about to be a new mom and run your business from home (or mom with kids wanting to have your own online business) you might be wondering how to do it? We are answering a reader's question - How we are preparing our online business for 2nd baby. Click to hear how we are going to keep our business running while running our business from home and a new baby.

Take things slow and try to automate things to make it easier

Take the pressure off yourself to get everything perfect in your business right now, especially if you are pregnant or have kids.

You can have a successful business and be a mompreneur.  Be prepared for surprises along the way because they will happen. So be prepared but also flexible.

Realize your work schedule will change on a daily basis.

The first 6 weeks you will have a lot of things going on plus you’ll be tired. Things will become challenging and that’s when you ask for help and be okay with some projects being put on hold.

Focus on the little one as they don’t stay small, cute little babies for long. So enjoy it.

Other articles with great tips:

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If you are a fellow mompreneur or female entrepreneur do you have any tips to add?  We would love to hear them. 

Lori and Michelle

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Denise Duffield-Thomas August 19, 2016 - 2:57 am

Thanks for including my article!

xx Denise

purelytwins August 19, 2016 - 9:01 am

of course!! We love your tips!

K August 19, 2016 - 7:28 am

I have a related question – what is Lori planning on doing for childcare after she returns from maternity leave? Are you going to get a nanny, or bring the girls to daycare, or are you planning on doing the same thing you’ve been doing (mom during the day and then squeezing in business time at night once Madison is asleep)? How did you decide? It seems like there are so many different options and opinions!

purelytwins August 19, 2016 - 9:03 am

There are a lot of choices and decisions to be made. At the moment we aren’t really sure about any of it. We are still trying to figure things out ourselves.


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