Weekly Sparks

by purelytwins

Highlights of our week and shout outs to our Purely Twins community.


Highlights from our week:

Sleeping vizsla on sofa with toddler eating blueberries.

Mornings like this –> grateful for these two and slow moving mornings.

The usual morning over here with Jax sleeping on sofa with Madison near by with her bowl of blueberries.

Enjoying low sugar grain-free gluten-free homemade granola

Delicious breakfast bowl –> grateful for fresh berries with coconut yogurt and homemade low-sugar granola.

Meditating at ocean side at Pismo Beach, SLO

Quiet mornings to myself —> grateful to be able to meditate by the ocean side to say what I am so thankful in my life and to be able to connect and inspire others to take a meditation journey with me.

Mom playing with toddler at park.

Play time at park –> grateful for these moments with playing with Madison. She loves walking around all the bushes.

Toddler running on Avila beach in California with Vizsla running in water.

Mornings at the beach –> grateful that there’s a place for Jax to play in water and for Madison to run around.


Play time outside –> grateful for seeing Madison play in her mini pool and have a great time in the sun.

35 weeks pregnant and enjoying green juice

Lunch outside –> grateful for green juices and yummy food to nourish my body and growing baby. And grateful for being able to sit outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Trying out new coffee shop called Scouts coffee in downtown slo

Happy cup time –> grateful to have cute local coffee shops to go to and enjoy black coffee over great conversation.

Children's museum at SLO downtown

More play time –> grateful to have such a great children’s museum to go to to play at. Madison loves the pretend kitchen and pretending she is washing her hands.

Toddler walking her 4 year old vizsla

Walking Jax –> grateful for these two. Madison loves to walk Jax.

Vizsla resting his head on toddlers back hoping for some food

Relaxation time –> grateful for relaxing in the late afternoons after play time at the park and homemade popsicles. Jax resting his head on Madison’s back hoping she will share your popsicles.

Swing time at the local park

Swings –> grateful for a play ground for Madison to swing at and for her aunt to push her. She loves the swings.

35 weeks pregnant with second child and playing with first child at the park

More play time at the park –> grateful for a healthy pregnancy, being able to play outside and for being able to play with Madison.

And grateful for comfy maternity clothes that help make me feel a little extra special while being pregnant.

Eating grain-free gluten-free peanut butter protein chocolate chip balls

Snack time –> grateful for yummy snacks to make to eat while editing a new HIIT to FIT workout video.

So grateful to be able to coach ladies to love to move  and love their bodies everyday and create their fit success mindset to empower them to follow their dreams.

Eating US Wellness Meats beef sliders that we love.

Time to eat –> grateful for nourishing foods that make us feel our best.

Grateful for having a place like US Wellness meats that creates delicious beef sliders as it is our all-time favorite.

Enjoying protein tigernut donuts for post workout meal

Breakfast time –> grateful to make more delicious foods to eat post workout like protein mush with protein tigernut donuts.

Toddler playing in moms makeup

Bedtime  –>  grateful for cute PJ’s to sleep in and mommy’s makeup to play in after getting a bath.

Purely Twins Community shout outs:

PT sister making delicious eats. So happy you are enjoying the recipes.

Zuzi you are amazing. We love seeing all your recipe creations. xo

PT sisters enjoying the workouts and new purely fit life client loving the workouts

Ladies so happy you are enjoying the workouts. And Heather a new client LOVING the workouts.

Thanks ladies for all the love and support.



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