Food and body image issues healed with meditation and finding your creative self with Heather Waxman

by purelytwins

We are so pumped about today’s interview because Heather is our soul sister. She was a huge part of our spiritual healing journey to trusting and loving our bodies.

This soul sister chat interview is going to be life changing.

Heather Waxman is the creator of Your Creative Self, a 28-day meditation experience designed to awaken your creativity and give you the confidence to share your creative gifts with the world. She is an Amazon best-selling author, spiritual life coach, meditation guide and singer-songwriter. Her super power is helping women unpack and transform their emotional + behavioral patterns through spiritual practice, song and meditation. It is Heather’s heartfelt belief that when we can clean up our thoughts and clean up our energy bodies of these subconscious memories and patterns, we can live truly radiant + peaceful +prosperous lives.

We’ve been following Heather’s journey for many years now and to be able to support her and her business today in such a positive way is something we are grateful for. We are excited about our Soul Sister Chat interviews to showcase women that are changing the world and we love to be part of it. Now you are too!

Are you ready to get started?

Food and body image issues healed through meditation. Finding your creative self with Heather Waxman.


Share the video with your girlfriends that would love this.

Heather is a true light in this world.

We also found a better place with food and our bodies through meditation and working on our inner-selves.

We all have the answers already inside us but sometimes you need help discovering it! Thank goodness for healers like Heather to bring it out.


Soul Sister Chat with Heather Waxman. How she healed her relationship with food and her body to start trusting and loving herself through meditation. Heather's spiritual practice, songs and meditations guided her to a place of peace and is sharing her insights to help you. JOIN US for Your Creative Self, a 28-day meditation experience designed to awaken your creativity and give you the confidence to share your creative gifts with the world. We are super pumped about this as Heather was part of our spiritual healing journey.

Things we chatted about:

  • Heather sharing her story, which is truly inspiring and vulnerable.
  • What meditation is to Heather. Hint it’s not always sitting down for 20 minutes.
  • Her two non-negotiables that she does every day to keep her happy and balanced.
  • How did she learn to love and trust herself.
  • How did she heal her relationship with food.
  • Her 28 day Your Creative Self Meditation   Use our link to get $20 off. (We are affiliates as we believe in Heather and her program and want to share it with others.)

Ready to change your life? Ready to start your soul journey to self love and creativity? JOIN US for Your Creative Self, a 28-day meditation experience designed to awaken your creativity and give you the confidence to share your creative gifts with the world. We are super pumped about this program Heather Waxman put together and we would love for you to do it with us.

Have you ever started a meditation practice but couldn’t stick with it?

Ya same here which is why we love Heather’s approach. It’s fun and practical.

If you are feeling stuck this is the meditation for you. If you feel like something is missing in your life this is for you.

We have so much in common with Heather in terms of body image and food struggles and in how we’ve all overcome them. Her book BodyPeace was a big part of our healing journey. It’s been amazing to watch her transform into the beautiful powerful soul she is today through getting to know herself and reconnecting with her creative soul. She inspires us every day to deepen our inner soul connection. These 28 days are going to create massive shifts in our lives and we want them to do the same for you.

Please join us if you are ready to claim your creative destiny by joining us  (Use our link to get $20 off) and Heather and investing in yourself.

Are you ready? It’s time for you to shine your creative light  on this world.

Your self-love spiritual journey never really ends. We love finding new ways to enhance our lives and this meditation program (you get $20 off) is going to take our self-love to a whole new level.

We cannot wait !

Thank you so much Heather.

Make sure to keep up with Heather:

Website –

Periscope – heatherwaxman

Instagram – heatherwaxman

Get ready soul sisters as we have more great interviews and insights coming your way.

Lori and Michelle

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Cassie July 29, 2016 - 7:08 pm

Such a wonderful interview with beautiful young ladies. Heather has such an amazing view on health and fitness!


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