Eczema update & answering readers questions

by purelytwins

The other day on Instagram I posted a before and after eczema transformation picture of me. It’s been over 1 year since my eczema took a turn for the worst. It started spreading up from my legs all the way up to my face. It was a long journey to heal but this year (2016) I’ve been eczema free.

In today’s video I am giving a quick update and addressing the questions I received on that picture in case you might have had the same.

Celebrating being eczema free and answering questions about eczema

If you know of anyone that would benefit from my video please share it with them.

My eczema did start with I was young but it wasn’t bad. I would just go through really bad times of non stop itching my skin, but never had the big red patches like I got as an adult. It was in 2011 I did see a dermatologist where they confirmed I had it.

I highly recommend not getting on steroids. Start with some of my tips first as I don’t want you to have to go through steroid withdrawals. I never took any! I tried them once for a day but just knew deep down there was another way.

Questions I answer in the video:

  • Kids and eczema – where to start healing
  • How do you know if you have it
  • Does heat trigger it

Celebrating being eczema free. I've a had long journey, the worst started 2 years ago when my eczema spread all over my body. Answering questions from readers. I hope my story inspires and helps you. Please share with anyone who has eczema.

I do feel eczema is highly related to our gut health, how strong our immune system is, inflammation in our bodies and how strong our skin skin barrier is.

I feel it was a combination of everything I have shared here on the blog to heal and stay healed:

It’s important to address you whole body including your soul.

My faith helps me get through tough times. God is my comforter.

Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you and for the support.

Eczema sucks and I will do my part in helping others heal by sharing my story and tips.



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Brittney March 5, 2019 - 10:08 am

Hi! I just stumbled upon this on Pinterest. My son struggles with eczema. It’s terrible. He is in pain and I have tried almost everything. He is off dairy and I am awaiting an allergy test which I had to yell at my doctor for. His back has been bleeding from his eczema, his skin has never been soft since birth. He is two years old. I am desperate in helping my son. I am wondering what brands of lotions, soaps, detergents you use ? Maybe there’s something I just haven’t tried yet. I’m looking to just relieve some of his pain. I hope you have some suggestions and get back because I have ran out of ideas. Thank you for your time !

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