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Highlights of our week and shout outs to our Purely Twins community.


Highlights from our week:

Happy July 4th!!

Relaxing at Availa beach CA

Not a bad way to start the day?

We are so grateful that the beach is not too far from us. Just a short drive. We love starting our day there and LOVE it when it’s sunny! If you follow us on snapchat you know that most of the time it’s not sunny and we wear jackets not bathing suits haha

Vizsla playing at beach in ocean

Madison loves it. Jax loves it.

We all love playing at the beach.

Pregnant mom at beach during third trimester of second pregnancy.

9 weeks left!! I am getting anxious to meet her and look forward to seeing the bond between her and Madison.

mom and daughter

I don’t think I will ever get her to smile for the camera.

Why do kids hate taking pics?!?

Mom drinking coffee at cute coffee shop downtown SLO

Found a cute local coffee shop in downtown SLO called Kreuzberg. We cannot wait to go back.

The environment was fun and coffee good.

Toddler playing with toy kitchen at children's museum

Played at the children’s museum and Madison loves the toy kitchen area. We know what her Christmas present will be 🙂

Healthy berry goat cheese salad

Enjoyed lunch out one day at a cute local place near the beach. We each ordered chicken goat cheese salad. It came with berries in it and as much as we love berries we don’t normally like fruit in our salads, but this was PERFECT.

Toddler eating brownie and laughing.

Madison is always entertaining us.

So much joy and laughter.

Face time with family

Facetime with the family. The best thing, right?

Brazil nut balls

mmmm brazil nut balls

Personal trainer training women online

Michelle is filming brand new workouts for our 4 week HIIT to FIT bootcamp. Do you want to do it with her click here to work out with her.

New items from Target. Love the beach bag and late nights black coffee shirt

New items we bought from Target. Love our new beach bag and especially love the late nights black coffee shirt. As you know we “work” mostly at night until early morning.

We are working on changing that as we are looking to get interns to help us do some things for our business. Exciting and scary stuff thinking about hiring help, but we know we cannot do it alone anymore.

Toddler wearing tutu

Tutus make everything better.

I’ve been getting the baby’s room ready and Madison sees old things and wants to play with them, like her tutu from her 1st birthday party. Crazy to think she will be 2 soon.

New water toy for toddler

New water toy from Pop! Thanks Pop! It’s perfect for the hotter days. I do want to get Madison swim lessons, do you have any advice?

PB and J plantain bread

Sometimes you just need PB & J.

Plantain bread with peanut butter and homemade sugar-free jelly for the win.


We don’t know what it is about the yoga mat, but both Madison and Jax love it.

Fit mom working out during pregnancy. Diastasis

Keeping strong and feeling good. I am still filming workout videos for my pregnancy program.

SHOUT OUTS to our PT Tribe

Shout outs to our PT community

Love seeing all the comments and posts from our PT tribe.



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Hailey July 4, 2016 - 7:52 am

Love that your blog is growing so much! I have followed your blog since 2010 when I started switching my diet around for food allergies. Makes me excited to see you are hiring interns as I am one right now! 🙂


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