Feeling fat, out of shape? Change your body. Change your mind.

by purelytwins

We have a big topic today. One that caused a big shift in our lives and we want the same for you.

Who wants to stop feeling fat or out of shape? Who wants to get long lasting results?

Where to start?

Ask yourself: What stories am I telling myself? What inner thoughts am I having?

Feeling fat or out of shape? Learn how to change your body by changing your inner stories.

One very important sometimes overlooked step that will make huge positive shifts in your life.

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What are the inner stories you’ve been telling yourself? Are they yours or from someone else?

When you take your power back by rewriting your stories the outer results will follow.

It happened for us. The same can be for you.

But you have to be willing to recognize your thoughts and rewrite them.

Improving your health and changing your body doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be simple.

You know we love keeping things simple around here.

Feeling fat? Out of shape? To see lasting change on the outside you have to change the inner voice. We share how we did to get the body and life we love. You can too.

Taking the time to recognize your inner stories and reconnecting with yourself at a deeper level is self-love.

Explore and shift how you think about your life, your body and pretty much who you are.

This is you loving yourself to change your body by changing your inner stories (beliefs).

Your body. Your life is adaptable. Change your inner voices and you will start to see change.

For long lasting body changes it isn’t just about physical change but more importantly your inner dialogue.

You have the power to change your inner self-talk to change your body in a positive way for lasting results

How to change your body with changing your story?
1) You have to be aware of your current thoughts, beliefs, stories.
So many of us, without realizing it, walk around with internal stories that we tell ourselves.
2) Let them go.
We know, easier said than done. But if you keep stressing over them or focusing on why you had those stories that is where you are going to stay. Practice letting them go.

3) Focus on what you want.

Think about what matters to you. What do you really want?  Focus on who you want to become.

4) Take small action steps to start rewriting them.

Start small as these will bring you small success to keep you moving forward to reach your dream.

These inner beliefs are holding us back from reaching our goals and keeping us from being the people we want to be.

The exciting thing is… you have the power to change all that by rewriting your beliefs. And focusing only on your new beliefs.

It comes down to a choice. Your choice.

What is one small thing you are going to take action on today to bring you closer to your new story?

This takes practice.

Self-love is an on-going journey.

You do get better at it overtime.

Give this a shot if  you want to end feeling fat or out of shape. If you keep thinking those thoughts you will stay stuck feeling like that…and you deserve better.

When you love yourself more and rediscover your inner self you’ll naturally start taking better care of yourself and find movement more enjoyable.  Therefore, leading to body change.

It starts with changing your mind.

Want more help with the mindset around fitness, working out less and getting a body you love for good? SIGN UP for our webinar this Tuesday June 21st.

Lori and Michelle

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