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by purelytwins

Last week we chatted about overexercising and how to know if you are over training.

We know the fitness, diet and health industries can be a confusing place.

Who do you believe? What is really true?

New information is coming out all the time.

This doesn’t even include everything you see on Instagram, Facebook, podcasts and just about every social media outlet.

It’s mentally exhausting and emotionally draining.

Why do so many of us tend to over complicate things?

As we started our journey of rediscovering our inner selves, changing the way we thought about food and exercise we noticed we spent less and less time reading, listening and watching what other people said about diet, health and fitness. Don’t get us wrong we still have a few people we follow as we are very interested in those topics.

But… it was becoming too much. Things had to change. We were getting to the point of being so obsessive it was hurting our health, relationships, etc.

We are so happy we started doing this one thing to really make a powerful shift in our lives.

Keep things simple and watch your life change

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It’s not easy at the start to do less, to make things simple.

It comes down to trust.

Will I make a mistake? How do I know if I am doing it right? Am I missing out on something?

So many thoughts like this running around in your head.

Can there be a balance with reading the latest health blog post from your favorite doctors or nutritionists without over thinking it and still do what is best for you?

Can you watch health and fitness videos of people sharing their thoughts and how-tos without becoming obsessive and still stick to your course?

Challenging. Yep.

Is it possible? We think so.

Struggle with what to believe in the fitness, diet and health world? Feeling overwhelmed and don't know what to do. Today we are sharing 1 thing to do and start changing your life. Are you ready?

The one thing we want you to do is –> Keep it simple.

 So many of us overthink, over-analyze, worry and never stop picking on our bodies.
This only causes more stress and anxiety which can lead to poor habits.
We tend to make things harder than they really need to be.
We personally struggled with this.
But once we learned the solution is simplicity or simply doing less, we started to see positive changes.
One of our life mottoes now is work out less to live more.  Do less to live more.
This doesn’t mean you are giving up or throwing in the towel.
Actually it’s the opposite.
By doing less in terms of reducing how much you worry and analyze things – you are reducing your stress. Therefore leading to results!!!
YAY!! #happydance
This makes it more enjoyable and fun creating your sustainable lifestyle, doesn’t it? We think so.
So no more OVER thinking and stressing over…
  • when to eat
  • how much to eat
  • what’s the best pre and post workout meal
  • what is the best time to workout
  • what’s the best diet
  • what’s the best workout to do
  • what diet to try next
  • whether or not to try a detox tea
  • the numbers…from food to the number on the scale to exercise to social media likes, etc
When you try to do everything…especially perfectly you are coming from the mindset “all or nothing” which leads to a dead end.
Because if you mess up you feel like a failure and this leads you to feel even worse.
Therefore prolonging your success and happiness.
We hope our blog, our short home workouts, our quick recipes and sharing our lives helps you see that you really can have it all when you do less.
Trying to be the best over time becomes too much. Too much pressure.
When you stop trying  to do everything you actually start getting what you want. 
Take steps to start trusting yourself.
Take time to be with yourself, whatever feels right to you:
  • Maybe meditation is your thing.
  • Or write in your journal.
  • Dancing helps clear your head.
  • Or maybe you need to voice your thoughts to a friend.
 The first thing we did to start learning how to do less to change our lives was working out less.
If you want to get the body you’ve always wanted, feel amazing doing it while working out 30 minutes or less sign up for our FREE training.
Because it is possible! 
So welcome, girlfriend. What are you waiting for?
We will show you how to crush it with your fitness routine and create a body you love and have fun doing it and most importantly love yourself along the way.
Sign up now.

Lori and Michelle

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