7 Signs you’re exercising too much (and our #1 tip to help you feel and look better)

by purelytwins

Is there such a thing as too much exercise?

When it comes to exercise doing too much can be hazardous to your health.

We’ve discussed our thoughts on it here:

no pain, no gain

do you need to sweat

The idea that you have to bust your butt to be in great shape or to get in amazing shape.

7 Signs you’re exercising too much (and our #1 tip to help you feel and look better)

Ever since overcoming our overexercising behaviors to help our overall health we are now getting to do the same with our purely fit life sisters.

We’ve shared our health journey and how working out too much really messed up our hormones. We finally realized what we were doing to our bodies and decided it was time to change.

Sometimes you need to back off and take it easy in order to keep making progress.

We struggled with working out too much for years. For over 5 years we have learned to redo how we exercise. We see it now more as movement or training for life.

We focus on the outcomes movement does for our bodies and lives from gaining more energy, cultivating more mental clarity and getting our creative juices flowing. We also see movement as a form of self-love.

In general, being active on a daily basis isn’t a bad thing as our bodies are made to move. Although, there are some of us when working out can move into a more addictive and harmful pattern. Just like with our orthorexia  you can become obsessive with exercise. We took our fitness to the extreme at some points in our lives. And our health, skin, happiness paid the price.

And the funny thing is we didn’t love our bodies anymore by working out that much.

7 Signs you're exercising too much (and our #1 tip to help you feel and look better). If you suffer from any one of these 7 things you are over exercising. We can help you workout less and still get results.

Here are 7 things to look at to see if you are over exercising:

  1. Lost all motivation – if you feel a sudden absence of motivation, or the thought of exercising isn’t exciting, that’s a good sign you need to take a break.  Especially if you just dread it.
  2. Missing periods – or imbalanced hormones. If you aren’t having normal periods then you may need to rethink your current fitness routine. This was a hard one for us to admit to and change but it is worth taking it slow to heal.
  3. Body not changing – maybe you notice you are gaining weight. Over exercising puts extra stress on the body and can stall your results due to your body responding to prolonged stress by elevating levels of stress hormones like cortisol.
  4. Hard time sleeping – there is evidence that a super-tough workout can promote insomnia when done over and over.
  5. Moody – catch yourself having mood changes. Feeling more angry, sad or irritable can happen when overly stressed physically.
  6. Decreased performance in your workouts – you aren’t seeing results or gains. You notice your intensity level drops.
  7. Get sick a lot – weakened immune system because your body isn’t get the rest it needs.

These are 7 factors that played a huge part in our overexercising fitness journey to changing up how we workout and they might be for you too. These all affect how your body changes in terms of gaining muscle and burning fat.

More research is needed on this topic but definitely some interesting things when it comes to overdoing it with exercise.

“More is not always better”

While more studies will be coming out on this topic one thing we know for sure that can help prevent more harm to your body and health is to workout less.

This doesn’t mean giving up or letting yourself just go.

To us, working out less allowed us to live more.  #workoutlesstolivemore

This is our number one tip – do less.

Reduce the duration of your workouts and possibly the frequency of them. If you are working out twice maybe go to one workout a day. If you are working out 1 hour or more try deducing to 30 minutes. Of course there are other factors to consider like intensity when reducing workout time but that’s a whole other topic.

Think of all the time you will gain back into your life so you can go out and do other things?!?!

Take some time to see if you might be over doing it with exercise.

Lori and Michelle

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Nico June 21, 2016 - 11:44 pm

Oh gosh you guys, this post describes me to a T a few years ago. I was exercising around two hours a day and thought I was being so healthy, until I found my period was missing when I wanted to get pregnant. I’ve since written a book on the topic called “No Period. Now What?” – which details what exactly is going on with our reproductive system, how our hormones are affected by what we eat, how much exercise we are doing (and what type, as you suggest!!), stress… I’m a scientist by training so I went through hundreds of research papers – I’d love to share with you!

Emily July 31, 2016 - 10:50 pm

Thank you girls. The reminder that more is not always better is always something so many of us need to hear. <3 It's comforting.

purelytwins July 31, 2016 - 11:59 pm

thank you Emily 🙂 Yes it is hard to do sometimes, doing less.


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