19 things we do (almost) daily that make our days better

by purelytwins

Years ago we would also ask ourselves when we saw a really upbeat, positive person how do they do it? How do successful people cope with staying on track when they’re tired or discouraged?

How do you keep a positive attitude during the day?

Maybe you’ve wondered the same things before.

When we started to really work on our mindset and change our beliefs around things we started to notice how we did things almost daily that made a difference in our lives.

We realized happiness and being positive comes down to choice. This is something we work with our clients on.

We choose to find little blessings to be grateful for even on those hard days instead of going through life being miserable.

We choose to look for things to celebrate or be proud of, instead of comparing, making excuses or criticizing things.

We choose to believe that we are doing our best and see the positive in the situation, even when we are discouraged and want to give up.

We choose to eat foods that make us feel our best, instead of feeling run down and blah.

19 things to do (almost) daily that make life better

Now we aren’t perfect at this. That’s not the point.

Perfection only leads to more failure. We aim to do our best with doing these 19 things daily.

We have our days when we wake up and just want to keep sleeping because our to-do list is too long and we didn’t feel accomplished from the night before. We have those days when food is just not sitting right or we don’t feel like working out, we just want to curl up and binge watch our favorite shows on Hulu or Netflix.

But the key is…

We don’t live in those feelings or moments.  Something else we help our clients with is not living in the energy vibration you don’t want to be.

You have to find things that you try to do often to help you get out of the funk and create a more upbeat, positive attitude.

It’s a practice….so enjoy the ride.

19 Things We Do (Almost) Daily That Make Our Days Better. These daily activities and rituals help us stay positive and feel better about our bodies, life and business. We hope this inspires you to create the life you desire.

  1. Saying something positive to ourselves in bed before we get up in the morning. Like thanking God for another day to be alive and help others.  Saying a few positive affirmations to get our day started off on the right foot.
  2. Takeing our few supplements.  We have just a few we take daily that helps us feel our best.
  3. Drinking our happy cup (coffee!).
  4. Eating well. Eating foods that nourish our bodies. Foods that make us feel our very best. Fuels us for our busy days.
  5.  Incorporating essential oils into our lives. We love diffusing essential oils. It is a must in our house. They really make the house smell amazing and uplift our moods.
  6. Writing in our journal. Always writing things we are grateful for and anything that pops into our heads. Writing things out really brings more clarity into our day.
  7. Having our to-do list. We do our best to write this the night before so the next day we know what our plan of attack is.
  8. Moving the body. May that be walking or working out. Our bodies are made to move and we love finding some form of movement as it helps with stress and makes us feel good, inside and out.
  9. Checking in with our clients. We love interacting with our clients and making sure they are staying positive and moving closer to their goals.
  10. Playing with Madison and Jax. Being with family.
  11. Doing something for our blog. We love finding ways to connect with you.
  12. Drinking water.
  13. Enjoying another cup of coffee.  Oh yes, this happens. We are almost getting to the point where we enjoy our afternoon cup more than our morning cup of coffee.
  14. Listening or reading something that inspires us.
  15. Connecting with our following. Through posting at least one thing on our social media. We are loving snapchat!! We are loriandmichelle there.
  16. Talking with loved ones.
  17. Meditating. Having a few minutes of quiet time.
  18. Getting outside. Do one thing that is fun.  Play at the park, drink a 3rd cup of coffee, watch the Walking Dead, create a new recipe or workout, etc.
  19. Eating dessert.

These daily activities and rituals help us stay positive and feel better about our bodies, life and business.  When we do these things we feel more balanced as balance is LIVING.

We hope this inspires you to create the life you desire. Create your list of things that you need to do daily to help find happiness in all parts of life.

Lori and Michelle

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