24 weeks pregnant with baby #2

by purelytwins

Getting closer to being done with my second trimester. Crazy.

I have found a new doctor here in our new home in California and today I actually met the doctor. He is super nice and checked my belly size, baby heart beat and my blood pressure and everything is looking great. They received all my paperwork from my previous doctor back in NC so they are up-to-date with everything. I go back in a month for another check-up.  I talked to this doctor about my glucose meter testing and he approved me pricking my finger again to test my blood sugar levels (the same thing I did with Madison). That was a big relief off my shoulders. This new doctor’s office seems to let me do things how I want to do them which is nice.

Baby bump at 24 weeks pregnancy with my second baby. Sharing how I am doing with this pregnancy and some fears with how my my hormones will do post partum with PCOS.

Jax wanting to say hi.

I have really been enjoying this second pregnancy and seeing my body change again. I am feeling pretty much the same as I did when I was pregnant with Madison almost 2 years ago.

Michelle and I were talking yesterday on our afternoon walk how life is going to be so different here in a few months. And how I haven’t had my period in over 2 years due to being pregnant with my first child then never really getting it postpartum. Yes, I still got pregnant without having a “normal” period as my body was still ovulating just not producing blood. I do admit I am nervous about how my body will handle postpartum hormones this time around.

I am just taking it one day at a time and not stressing myself over that part of my journey yet. It is just interesting how the body handles things sometimes. Seeing Michelle pretty much have a normal period again after so many years of not having one I know I can get there too one day. With having PCOS it does play a role in my periods. I will of course give updates on all that when the time comes but for now it is all about being pregnant with baby #2.

24 weeks pregnant with baby #2

Crazy to see how similar yet different being pregnant last time was compared to now. I haven’t done anything for this second child’s nursery as I am planning on reusing things that I used with Madison. One great thing about having another girl I can reuse everything.

Food cravings?
Same as my 19 week update. Loving all types of foods. No weird cravings just been eating my normal eats.

Simple lunch I enjoyed during my 2nd trimester. Plantain waffles with peanut butter and sliced turkey.

Any symptoms?
No. I have the pregnancy symptoms like peeing more and moving slower but no headaches, backaches or swelling.
Wedding ring is still on. Sleep so far is going well.

Stretch marks?
So far no new ones. I just have the ones that I got from my first pregnancy. I like to see them as my beauty marks from carrying my children. I like to see them in a positive way.

Miss anything?
Nothing really. I know, boring, but really I am feeling so blessed and grateful for everything in my life. I wake up each morning excited about what is going to happen and spending time with Madison before her little sister gets here.

How is my skin?
Overall it is doing well. I am pleased. I get the one blemish here and there but guess you can say I have the pregnancy glow.

How is digestion?
Great. Normal bowel movements and not much excess gas. No major issues with constipation thanks to my magnesium, healthy fats and squatty potty. This also helps with taking off extra internal pressure which helps with reducing diastasis.

Sharing being pregnant with second baby at 24 weeks pregnant. What symptoms and workouts I am doing to stay healthy and strong during pregnancy.

Total weight gain?
Right now I have gained about 7-8  pounds.

How’s the baby girl?
Doing well. I love feeling her little kicks. Heart beat is great and growing right on target.

Toning for two! Working out to stay strong during pregnancy. Be careful as I have diastasis.

How are my pregnancy workouts going?
Great. I have been very consistent with moving the body every day and filming a few new workouts. I have been walking just about every day and doing my safe core exercises once a day to keep abs strong the best I can.

You can read more how I am doing my workouts differently with this pregnancy here.

I am trying to do a better job with preventing a large diastasis recti post pregnancy this time around. There are no guarantees but I am focusing on just doing my very best with what I have and not stressing about it too much.

I will be back in a few weeks with another update!



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Tina Smith May 19, 2016 - 4:48 pm

You look awesome. I remember when I was pregnant with my son. Aww, such a wonderful feeling. I was so excited.

purelytwins May 19, 2016 - 11:39 pm

thank you Tina, yes it is such a wonderful feeling!! xoxo

Natalia May 19, 2016 - 11:53 pm

So glad to hear this pregnancy is going well. It will be fun to see Madison as a big sister.

purelytwins May 22, 2016 - 2:20 pm

Thank you, yes I cannot wait to see how she does with the baby


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