How loving yourself can end your struggle with food

by purelytwins

Do you find yourself obsessing over getting that perfect body? Do you spend hours and hours researching for the answers to fix you? Do you stress over the numbers (calories you ate and burned at the gym) thinking you have to look a certain way to be happy and successful? Are you waiting on the weight, getting clear skin and making more money to truly start living your life?

We get it! We did all that too. We tried just about everything and bought program after program. But with everything we read, watched and tried it still didn’t get to the inner core issue to heal us.

Stop thinking so much. Just do it.

We gathered all the best tools and mindset strategies inside our tool box to create our freedom map. We can use this freedom map toolbox whenever we face a new struggle, work through a fear or have any self-doubt. It’s magical to have something like this to fall back on as life is always going to bring challenges your way but it’s how you approach them and take action that makes a difference in the outcome.

How to stop struggling with food and feel good in your body

It may come to a surprise that your weight, your job, getting toned, getting clear skin aren’t really your main goal. So if those aren’t the main goal what is?

Your goal is to feel happy, confident, sexy, alive, peaceful, calm, strong, beautiful and have a inspiring fun life doing what you love to do.

You have the choice to feel good in your body now. Learn how to stop struggling with food and hiding behind your weight to start living. It's far scarier to let your life and your desires pass you by because of fear or waiting on getting that perfect body or health. Are you putting our life on hold due to your obsession with how you look? Treat your body like the version of you that you want to feel now. Live your life like the best version of you would...going for your dreams, doing things that scare you, taking care of yourself, and enjoying life each and every day.

We realized we cared less about what we looked like when we starting doing what we love to do and living with purpose, having meaningful relationships, basically enjoying every second of our lives.

It’s powerful when you surround yourself with happiness, positivity and love as you simply don’t have time to stress or worry about what you look like or what you are eating or not eating.

We turned to food and exercise to hide us from what we really wanted in life. We procrastinated. We were really scared of what would really happen if we went after our dreams. What if we failed, what would happen to us? What would others think?

We told ourselves for years we had to look a certain way to start following our dreams and feel good. But that’s simply not true. The same goes for you.

Stop waiting. Start now. You have the choice to feel good in your body now.

It’s far scarier to let your life and your desires pass you by because of fear or waiting on getting that perfect body or health.

We understand. We were there a few years ago. We we were waiting on our acne to completely go away, doing anything and everything to keep us at a certain weight, not even realizing we were putting our lives on hold due to our obsession with how we looked and what others thought of us.

Instead of putting our time and energy into our passions, we were putting it into things that didn’t matter like our body size.

Treat your body like the version of you that you want to feel now.

Live your life like the best version of you would…going for your dreams, doing things that scare you, taking care of yourself and enjoying life each and every day. Do things from a loving place.

We think almost every woman struggles with her diet and weight at some point in her life.

For most of us, it’s not the lack of knowledge about food, nutrition, exercise, etc that makes us struggle. It comes down to the lack of knowledge about ourselves.

We are totally guilty of this.

We kept questioning why us? Why can’t we get a break? We realized God was trying to tell us something with having struggle after struggle. We didn’t know us, or should we say we were afraid to look within.

Maybe you have felt the same way.

If you want to break free from the self-hate cycle and create a life of freedom and happiness you need to find why you keep struggling.

You need to get to the core issue otherwise you will keep playing in this vicious cycle. For us, we kept struggling with restricting, binge ate, overexercised, procrastinated because we didn’t realize our main issue was having no self-worth or confidence. And  we really didn’t trust ourselves.

You are perfect.

It wasn’t until we started doing things out of love for ourselves and showed our bodies more respect we were ABLE to STOP the struggle around food and feel confident in our own skin.  

What we want you to do to start your journey to end the struggle:

Keep a note of how you feel when you eat and look for patterns over time.

Start saying more positive things about yourself to end the negative self-talk. This needs to happen every day not just every once in awhile.

Let go of the perfectionist mindset.

Stop punishing yourself because this is going against you trying to love yourself. Which loving yourself is the goal you are working towards to end the struggle.

Take your time.

But start now.

Don’t let excuses or fears hold you back anymore. You deserve better.

You have the power to make the change right now. So what’s your choice?

One thing we’ve learned about life, loving yourself and to be able to stop the struggle with food and weight is that you have to be happy in ALL parts of life. Diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Food (or your weight) doesn’t have to rule your life. You can find balance and enjoy the foods you eat. For years we were obsessed with eating perfectly healthy. Trying to find the best way “to eat” to FIX us, to get glowing skin, to make us look and feel a certain way.

Once we changed our mindset around food, removed labels, reframed our thoughts, broke through fear, practiced forgiveness and focused more on creating a life full of happiness and love we realized food is just a part of life. We stopped living where we didn’t want to be anymore and started living in the vibrations we wanted.

If you are finally ready to break through your fears and end the struggles with how you look to start living YOUR LIFE right now then you need our Stop Obsessing Start Living coaching program. This program brings in all the parts of life that will help make you fall in love with yourself, and most of all it you will walk away with TRUSTING yourself with food and not basing your happiness on your appearance.

Lori and Michelle

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purelytwins December 6, 2016 - 11:42 pm

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