How comparing yourself will change your life

by purelytwins

Hey beautiful!
Do you struggling with comparing yourself? It happens. We do it at work. We do it scrolling through Instagram or Facebook feeds. Etc.

Do you have thoughts like these:

Wish I had that job
Wow she always gets good things happening to her
Why can’t I be recognized
I want her body
Why me
That’s not fair
I am just meant to be unhappy
Why her and not me
If I only had her body

Yep, same here.

We admit this was a hard thing for us to overcome. This comparison way of thinking kept us stuck in a cycle of wishing and feeling never good enough. Diminishing our self-worth. We had beliefs that external things were the missing piece to our self-worth and happiness.

We like to turn things into something positive. Here are 2 ways to approach comparison thoughts in a positive way. Even confident people have a few comparison thoughts but they don’t let it get out of hand.

How to stop comparing yourself to others – 2 ways to do it more positively

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In our fitness newsletter we share our struggle with this and get a lot of emails back from other ladies that suffer from comparison, so we wanted to discuss it more here today.

It took us some time to admit we had this comparison thought problem. It was just easier to think this way. 

Overtime we became more mindful and aware of our thoughts and realized comparing creates a lot of negative feelings within. We didn’t want to feel that way anymore. We decided things needed to change.

We started seeing comparison as something positive with a curious mindset.

Learn how to love who you are and stop comparing yourself to those around you! Social media can be depressing when you see people traveling, looking hot in a bikini, but we have found how to make "jealously" more positive. Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others? If so, read this to learn 2 ways to see how comparing can be positive. There were 2 things that helped us overcome comparing.

1. What is this comparison thought trying to teaching me? When you catch yourself comparing ask yourself, “Is this showing me something I do want or what I don’t want?” How can I use this moment to make myself better?

2. Spend that time on yourself. Realize how much time you are spending on others and not yourself. We turned our focus back on us and didn’t waste any more of our time and energy on others. Take that time to focus on doing something for yourself and stop thinking so much about things that really don’t matter.

We have already shared about how we all know how hard life is to be a girl.

So let’s stop comparing and bringing others down and instead start empowering and inspiring one another. When we all help one another we actually get more out of life. Cheering each other on in our own successes.

Realize that you are never going to be perfect, and that nobody is. Trying to be perfect all the time was a hard habit we had to break. Learn to love yourself more for who you are.

Next time you catch yourself having comparison thoughts, stop and remember these 2 points.

And remember when we support one another we actually get MORE out of life!!

It takes time. Changing your mindset requires patience and practice.

Everyone is different and that is what makes us all fabulous.

There is no other you. Be more compassionate and loving to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a break at times.

We want to hear from you. Do you struggle with comparison thoughts? How do you overcome it? 

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We believe in you. But are you believing in yourself?

Lori and Michelle

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Stacie, RDN | Simply Nourished April 17, 2016 - 9:19 am

I’ve definitely struggled with comparison in the past too and still do from time to time but now I mostly use others individual success and wins as inspiration and really focus on being happy for them because I now understand how hard they’ve worked to get to where they’re at. I’ve found that I truly enjoy supporting other women and celebrating their wins with them! #womenempoweringwomen 🙂
Thanks for this message, ladies! xo

purelytwins April 17, 2016 - 5:13 pm

Yes! Same here girl! Thanks for your support.


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