Why you should accept compliments

by purelytwins

Hey luv,

What would you say if we told you that you looked fabulous today?

Be honest.

Would you accept the compliment or deflect it?

Stay tuned to find out why it’s important to accept compliments in your life.  This is one simple thing that we had a hard time doing for years. Then we learned the deeper issue of what we were really doing.

Why you should be accepting compliments?

If you enjoyed the video, please share it with your friends that need a reminder that it is a good thing to accept compliments.

Self-love is about being open to receiving value.

Example, we would say no when a friend offered to buy us coffee. 

We weren’t allowing value into our lives.

Our friend was offering us something nice yet we didn’t let that value in. We didn’t see ourselves as worthy enough to receive that nice gesture.

Maybe you are doing the same?


Why you should accept compliments to receive more in your life. We were guilty of deflecting and we realized this was preventing more love, happiness and wealth into your life. We share how we started to change this behavior and how our lives changed, and we want the same for you.

As you saw in the video, this concept isn’t all about compliments but more about deflecting love, joy, happiness and wealth into your life.

Deflecting compliments or nice gestures from others is how we were devaluing ourselves. Telling ourselves we aren’t worth it.

Realize this behavior has to stop if you want to expand or allow more abundance in.

Inside the book, The Big Leap this is one example of an upper limit problem. Side note this is a great book!!  

As mentioned in the book, deflection keeps us from challenging ourselves, preventing us from expanding our capacity for experiencing positive energy.

Deflecting is blocking the flow of abundance. When you accept compliments you’re opening yourself up to more riches.

When you allow good in… more good things will find their way into your life.  Pretty awesome, right?

Allowing and receiving are hard to do. Like we mentioned we struggled for years.

It takes practice and awareness.

Start small and use the visualizations we mentioned in the video to help you focus on allowing and receiving.

This is a new area for us and we are excited to be doing it with you. Together we will create more love, joy and abundance in our lives so we can pass it onto more people.



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Now are you ready to accept compliments?


Lori (and Michelle)

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Stacie, RDN | Simply Nourished March 29, 2016 - 10:35 pm

Thank you for this lovely message you two! xo


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