Are affirmations worth saying and how to do them right

by purelytwins

How you start your day sets you up for the rest of your day.

Pretty powerful. It’s true; as we experienced this first hand. Whenever we don’t get to say or do our morning routine completely our entire day feels off; like we are missing something.

When you read affirmations not only do they help create shifts in your mindset, they also serve as daily reminders of what is possible for you when you believe. They help give you that daily reminder of what you are capable of.

Positive affirmations really help us start the day with positivity and set us up for having an amazing day. We want the same for you!

Should you be saying affirmations? Do they work?

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We love reading our daily affirmations. Last year we made them a part of our non-negotiable self-care ritual and totally changed our lives. We love starting our day on a positive mindset so saying some morning affirmations helps.

We know when you create your own favorites and start saying them morning and night your life will start to change.

When thinking of what an affirmation is we like to think of it as a mini self pep talk with our subconscious minds. They are powerful statements that help strengthen the connection with our subconscious minds.

They help you start to become more aware of your daily thoughts and words that you say to yourself.  They help you catch any negativity and switch it out with a positive statement. Affirmations also help with aligning your vibrations with your desires.

Truly powerful statements if done correctly and consistently.

How to make affirmations work for you. Have you said affirmations in the past but saw or felt nothing change in your life? We provide a few tips to help make sure your affirmations work for you. We all desire to be happy, loved, healthy, wealthy and have all that we desire.

Magic won’t happen immediately when saying affirmations.

One thing they can do is start to make you feel better.

When you feel better what happens?

You make better choices. You make more empowered choices.

Affirmations can be a good start to changing your thoughts to be more positive. The key is, as we said in the video, is you have to believe it. So if you are saying one and you have some doubts you can either stop saying it or change it to be something else that you believe.

Some of our favorite affirmations to get you started:

  • Every day miracles happen to me.
  • I am open and ready to receive more abundance in my life.
  • I am strong in mind, body and spirit.
  • I am grateful for another day to do amazing things with my life.
  • I choose to be happy and it’s okay for me to have all that I desire.
  • I choose to see joy in every situation.



Want more of our favorite affirmations?

We love how affirmations have opened our hearts, minds and souls to what’s possible and to allow us to break through patterns that were holding us back.

Take a deep breath and enjoy some quiet time with yourself while you repeat these affirmations every morning before rolling out of bed. 

Remember to keep it fun!


Lori (and Michelle)

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