How to love yourself even when you don’t like what you see

by purelytwins

One struggle that we hear a lot from ladies who email us is how do they truly start being happy with their bodies. How can they start loving themselves during a struggle, tough time or when they don’t like what they see?

We love this question.

We struggled with truly loving our bodies for years and now we get to help other ladies overcome this struggle. Even though we are fitness coaches we fell in love with being lifestyle and self-love mentors too. Now we get to do both.

For so long we were trying to change our life in the WRONG WAY.

Maybe you were like us in that we desperately tried to feel good and fill up our inner voids by focusing on outer things, but nothing was working.

How to love your body when you don’t like what you see or when going through a struggle

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We kept creating more issues.  Our bodies were screaming at us to wake us up through our skin issues – Lori and Michelle you need to stop abusing your bodies and start loving yourself or things are only going to get harder. 

Nothing worked until we focused on the inner things. This was a tough pill to swallow as we thought we were doing everything right.

We receive emails for ladies sharing how they are trying to love themselves but are struggling. We understand and share our 3 tips to start truly loving your body and yourself. If you are struggling with loving what you see about your body then these tips will help you move more towards self-love.

Even though we weren’t overweight, we never really loved our bodies. We would work out for hours trying to use fitness to make us feel better.

We lived the majority of our lives in fear: believing something was wrong with us.

We convinced ourselves that there was something wrong with us. We kept telling ourselves that we needed to be fixed. We immersed ourselves in figuring out the right diet and workouts to make us “feel” better — to feel worthy and accepted.

Not realizing those are just a piece of the puzzle.

Having outer self-acceptance not inner nothing was changing in our lives. We knew this wasn’t how to live life.

Our skin issues were our breaking points. This is when things started to click for us.

We realized our outer selves were a reflection of our inner selves.

3 Tips to love your body now that really helped change our mindset around our bodies

  1.  Write down what happiness means to you. Then write out what makes you happy.

    Mantra to focus on saying I am open and willing to love my body now

  2.  Create a self-love ritual. Make time for yourself. Ask for guidance. When you start your day with saying and reading uplifting positive things it sets your day up with success and happiness.  When you get into the practice of your self-love ritual and are consistent with it overtime you will see how powerful it is in your everyday life.
  3. Feel your emotions. Don’t hold things in. Don’t hide from them. Feel them and release them. Work on your personal and spiritual development. Learn and love yourself at a deeper level.

Learning to love yourself is an important step in being able to love your body NOW.

It’s time to clear out your inner crap and focus on who you really are.

One thing we want to point out is that self-love is an ongoing practice. We are still learning things about ourselves or old blocks to work through.



Doing these 3 things won’t make yourself all of a sudden start loving your body and never having any negative thoughts. BUT they will help you move more to self-love.

We want to empower you with knowledge and positivity so you can go out and make your own choices to live a life you want.

Help you get back into the driver seat of your life. You are worth it!

Be gentle with yourself. Make sure to show yourself self-compassion.

Let go of the inner battle and focus on what really makes you happy.

Figure out why you aren’t happy and why you keep having body image obsessions. Most likely it has to do with fear and self-worth. It was for us.

Again this is a practice. These are the things that we focused on at the beginning of our self-love journey and what we use personally to help us during tough times.

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Lori (and Michelle)

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Meg March 11, 2016 - 9:35 am

You know i am all about these types of posts <3 love you girls xo

purelytwins March 11, 2016 - 9:55 pm

thanks Meg, love ya too! We love doing these topics and more to come 🙂

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