10 HIIT fat-burning workouts for women that are 15 minutes or less

by purelytwins

Are you looking for a change in your daily workouts? Maybe you are hitting a plateau or wanting to give HIIT home workouts a try?

What is HIIT? High intensity interval training (HIIT) involves intense periods of exercise with short recovery periods so you can burn fat in less time.

Short interval workouts actually helped us stop the long hours of cardio.  We were even doing two a day sessions at the gym!  We never thought we could break that over exercising habit but we are happy to say we did! So if you are ready to break free from long hours of working out or want to do HIIT workouts at home give these 10 workouts a try. Best part is they take 15 minutes or less.

Remember to see results you need to workout smarter and increase your intensity.

We like to do workouts that are challenging yet attainable. This way you see results plus enjoy the workouts so you want to keep going.

You can read more about why we love HIIT and reasons why you should do them too. 

We love working out at home. It works for us. Short and intense workouts have really made a huge impact in our lives on so many different levels. We know you’re going to love them too, if you haven’t already!

Inside Purely Fit Life this month’s focus is fat burning tips!

HIIT workouts for women that burn fat that you can do at home. If you hit a plateau and want some new and effective workouts that will help you increase your metabolism and burn fat. Give these HIIT workouts a try. Best of all they are under 15 minutes or less. Home workouts to keep you fit and fabulous. Workout anytime, anywhere.

10 fabulous at-home HIIT workouts for women that are 15 minutes or less

12 minute goodbye fat workout

15 minute HIIT home workout

12 minute core cardio

12 minute HIIT 

12 minute leg core workout

15 minute indoor cardio

12 minute calorie burning workout

12 minute HIIT bedroom

12 minute HIIT it up workout

15 minute bodyweight workout

Let us know which workout is your favorite!

See you in the next workout.


Lori (and Michelle)

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1 comment

Marissa Vasbinder March 29, 2016 - 4:32 am

Hi Lori and Michelle,

Thanks for this round-up of HIIT workouts. I was reading an article about doing HIIT workouts to workout faster and harder and get more fat burning compared to steady-state low intensity workouts. I’m going to take a closer look at your workouts and see which one fits my routine. Thanks!


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