Starbucks order ahead, face and constipation chat, and lots of plantain waffles

by purelytwins

Hey luv!

We did another video style day in the life vlog. Well, we filmed a few days not just one. We also tried using the call ahead order system from Starbucks one morning. It was awesome. Have you tried it yet?

Keeping it light and fun this Friday. We hope you enjoy the video.

Chat about acne and constipation hurting skin.

Plus we enjoyed lots of plantain waffles.

Come spend a few days with us.

If you liked the video please share it with friends. Thank you.

We chatted about a few different things.

You will see in the video us getting excited over asking for guidance from the Universe and receiving it. Love that stuff.

Come spend the day or a few days with us. See what life is like and what we are eating. Plus we try out Starbucks call ahead and have a little acne face chat.

Here are a few links of things we mentioned in the video:

Recipe for plantain waffle is here –> for basic plantain waffle

As you can see we eat a version of that just about every day.

We are super excited to try out organifi products from Drew over at FitLife TV.

Our constipation tips

The way we wash our faces

Hope you have a fabulous day! Remember to slow down and enjoy life. Embrace your body. Smile. Laugh. Love. Be Purely You.


Lori and Michelle

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