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by purelytwins

Hey fellow dreamer and doer!

It has been awhile since our last PluggedIn post. We’ve been busy over here.

You may have noticed that PurelyTwins.com has a new website look and feel. This was a big project that we kept going back and forth on for a long time. We liked our previous look and feel using the FoodiePro theme from Blog base – Genesis but felt like our site needed an upgraded feel it.  In the past we would do the majority of our blog redesigns and literally spend hours and hours fixing it up trying our very best to make it pretty on the eyes. Then we started slowly hiring outside support for some design help. One thing we dislike about redesign is the process always seems to take longer, cost a lot and turns out to be just as mentally tiring as us doing it ourselves.

We decided to make some changes to our site that we think will provide you a better experience (we want to make sure you are finding what you need). Please let us know your thoughts as we want to make sure our blog is a great experience for you. Any feedback would be great!!

Blog redesign

Sharing our personal website/blog changes to improve look and feel to site. Changed website look to help bring a better brand image.

Here are some of those changes:

Cleaned up our sidebars

We know sidebars can be distracting but they can also be useful. We kept ours on the righthand side as we find that easier on the eyes. We cleaned it up and only put a few things and our ads on the sidebar. We moved our social media icons to the footer. Why?  Yes, we want people to follow us on our social media outlets but we also want them to stay on our blog.

Took our membership off this site and onto it’s own private site

One of the biggest changes we made. Every since launching our membership site in 2014 we had it hosted here. We used a few different membership plugins to help run it but realized it would be better if we had a dedicated platform for our coaching services. We feel this has helped our readers have a better experience here on the blog and our clients inside our private members area.

Updated our shop page 

We wanted a more uniform look and feel to our shop page. Hoping to make it an easier experience for our readers to find what they are looking for.

Created a freebies page 

We wanted a place to have all our freebies (or opt-ins) to give value to those that give us their email to help grow our newsletter. We hope to continue to add in more freebies soon.

Updated our about page 

This is probably a page that needs to be updated often but we finally got around to doing it. We changed it up in how we did it with starting off with how we can help our readers first then went into our story and big things we’ve overcome. We are debating if we want to add in more pictures or not. And we updated each of our own personal about pages – about Lori and about Michelle.

Added in a main newsletter sign-up

We had individual opt-ins for more segmentation for those only interested in certain things we share here on the blog. We also wanted to grow a main newsletter list where we can share even more exclusive tips and insights for those that are interested.

Purely Twins Blog previous designs

One thing about blogging and having your own website is that overtime it changes. You get better. Your site gets better. We definitely think our site’s look has improved.

Here are some of our original blog looks:What our first logo looked liked on our blog.

This is where we started.

What our second blog logo looked like.

Then we moved to this simple look.

More logo changes in creating a brand feel for site.

Then we changed our logo and blog colors to this look.

Changed logo one more time.

Then felt like we wanted to change it again and add more of what our blog was about with adding in some of the categories instead of a tag line.

Our last blog design before getting it professional done.Then we changed it one more time before our new look that you see now. We went back to having a tag line.

A lot has changed over the years?!?

Don’t be afraid of changing your look and feel until you find one that you LOVE. It took us a good 4 years to get to the look where we are today. You can do a lot with using a template and maybe down the road you can invest into a web designer.

Purely twins current blog design.

This is where we are today as of 2016.

We like it and have received great feedback from our #ptcommunity. We plan on keeping this look for a long time. We are thinking of down the road getting more professional pictures done but that’s a future goal.

Here with our PluggedIn series we’ve talked about some mistakes we made and our favorite resources.  When we share these blog posts in this series as we like to be open and honest here, just like we are with the rest of our life. Growing our blog and now our coaching business has been a big focus of ours this past year and half.

Our goal with our blog is to share our journey, share our passions to help and inspire others to start loving themselves, never give up and enjoy life along the way.

Our biggest blogging tip is follow your heart. Be purely you. Be authentic. Your readers and tribe will come. And it is okay to change.

We do want to thank Jen  for taking over our entire blog redesign. We had some bumps in the road and our blog was down for a few days, but Jen worked fast and got things up and running. She was great to work with and listened to what we wanted for our site.

Here are some of our blogging resources that may be helpful for you along your blogging journey:

Website hosting:  Synthesis

Web Designer: Jen with your passion designer

Email newsletter: Ontraport

Blog base – Genesis

We also have been working really hard on fixing up old posts, especially broken links to help with our site’s speed. Still have a lot to do but we are making progress when we can. As we mentioned earlier, we want to make it a good experience for you! We also got a better web hosting which helped tremendously with our site’s speed.

Now seeing our changes what do you think? Do you like the changes?  What would you like to see differently?



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See others way we make money here and you can too if it resonates with you:

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Abby February 25, 2016 - 9:55 am

My favorite part is the “Fabulous Life, Fit Body, Fierce Mind”! So true of you guys and this community.

purelytwins February 25, 2016 - 11:56 am

thank you so much Abby 🙂 xoxo

Liz @ I Heart Vegetables February 25, 2016 - 11:53 am

It looks great! I’m proud to say I’ve been reading your blog since that very first design 😉 Haha I love the new design though!! 🙂

purelytwins February 25, 2016 - 11:57 am

thank you Liz 🙂 lots has changed haha thanks for the continued support, it means a lot!


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