9 ways to practice self-compassion to improve how you feel about yourself

by purelytwins

Are you too self-critical?  When you think of self-compassion what do you think of?  Self-pity? Self-indulgence? Making excuses for bad behavior?

We did a few years ago.

But overtime we realized that being so self-critical got us nowhere. We only felt more unhappy, stuck and unworthy. We never thought happiness, love and success could be ours.

Until we both hit rock bottom with our skin, our digestion, our thoughts, our career, our life. We didn’t know what to do. We knew there was a better way to live. We knew things had to change.

But how? Where do we start?

We started to look more into loving our bodies, but really, learning to accept our bodies.  This is where self-compassion comes into play.

Self-compassion brings about more constant feelings of self-worth than does self-esteem. We learned a lot from Kristin Neff. 

Self-compassion involves taking responsibility for our behavior – good and bad – and accepting ourselves as human. We had to work on being kinder to ourselves.

We had to learn how to reframe  our thoughts.

9 ways to practice self-compassion

In the video we chatted about:

  • Things we do daily to help you be more compassionate to ourselves
  • Being perfect
  • The one phrase that totally shifted our minds therefore our lives
  • If I do this then… or when this happens then I will finally be happy
  • How to love yourself NOW even when you are still struggling

Why is it so easy to extend compassion towards others, but not to ourselves?

When thinking of someone else we don’t think they are only worthy because they are thin or funny, do we?

So, why do we put conditions on ourselves?

We put conditions on ourselves for many years.  Putting conditions on ourselves we pretty much were putting our lives on hold.  Deciding that the only way for us to be worthy is once we have achieved x,y or z.

How did we start removing conditions off ourselves?

We had to accept ourselves unconditionally.

To start loving yourself it starts with self-acceptance.

This was so hard for us to do especially when we didn’t like how we looked or felt. But we knew it was an important step for us to do if we wanted to live the life we desired.

Michelle remembers saying to herself one night during her darkest days with eczema, “This is just me, this is who I am.”  She accepted that eczema was a part of her. So she stopped picking at it and started loving it.

When you start to accept yourself unconditionally, right now, you are taking a big step towards self-love.

It is not a destination but a journey. A journey that you embark on for the rest of your life. But you have to take action like doing these 9 tips.

When you start accepting your failures or struggles you are more likely going to take the necessary steps to improve your life.


Are you struggling with being too self critical that you are not moving forward in life? Struggle with being perfect or loving your body now? We did too! Learn how we show ourselves self-compassion with our 9 tips. Things you can start doing today to change your life!

Our 9 tips for self-compassion you can start doing today:

  1. See the positive in every situation
  2. Be okay with saying NO
  3. Set reminders on your phone with nice messages
  4. Ask for help
  5. Do things that bring you happiness every day
  6. Be more mindful and accept mistakes as they are part of the journey.
  7. Say nice things to yourself when you look in the mirror.
  8. Practice gratitude
  9. Reframe negative thoughts and beliefs


Being more mindful of your thoughts and actions and showing yourself compassion helps you move forward in life.

Say to yourself, “I am open and willing to love myself more and be more compassionate.”

We hope our tips help you realize the importance of being more compassionate to yourself and that it can really make positive changes in all parts of your life.


Lori and Michelle

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Katie @ Talk Less, Say More February 12, 2016 - 7:59 am

LOVE IT! This is definitely something that I’m working on myself. Lately I have been SO anxious and filled with guilt (for reasons that I shouldn’t) and it just leads me down a path of feeling sorry for myself or being more anxious, guilty and upset. I recently learned in those moments that instead of saying “STOP BEING ANXIOUS!” (which let’s get real, only makes it worse) to instead say “I am anxious and it’s okay, I’m going to be okay.” It’s funny how just that little change in wording makes us so more compassionate and caring to ourselves.

purelytwins February 12, 2016 - 2:36 pm

Awesome girl! Love what you say now 😉

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