Tips to get clear skin: acne & eczema + skin update

by purelytwins

Hey luv!

We gave a gut health update now it is time for a skin update . If you are new to our blog (hi!) and we both have shared our personal skin struggles here on the blog and felt we needed to give an update. 

We know getting clear skin, whether it is for acne or eczema, is a hot topic and something we both have experienced first hand. We know how challenging it can be as healing these issues can a bit complex.

Today we are giving you some tips to try out that helped both of us. Plus we give an update on how our skin is doing.

Tips to get clear skin for acne and eczema

Post mentioned in video : 8 books that changed our lives

Everyone’s journey will be different.


It is hard for us to give advice for healing because there are so many factors.  It varies from person to person.

But we hope our tips help you continue your healing journey and to remind you to keep fighting. If we healed so can you!

Struggling to get clear skin or form a better relationship with your body? We share tips that helped us overcome our skin struggles. #1 is a hard one to overcome and #3 is very important to be more aware of.

1 – Stop picking and reduce your time researching. 

For us this was a big one. When we turned our attention away from our skin it allowed our skin to heal. We know that might sound a bit strange or hard to believe, but where you put your attention is what you get back. This is not just about actually picking (touching) your skin but how you PICK at your body!! Then when you are researching all the time it becomes obsessive and increases your stress level, which leads to more problems.

2 – Less is more.

Keep things simple, especially your face care routine. Click here to see how we wash our face with oils and watch us chat about oils on our skin here. We wash our face once a day. Sometimes use a coffee scrub in the morning. Use just a few products on our skin, including essential oils.

3 – Be mindful of your thoughts and actions. 

This applies to all areas of your life! How are you talking to yourself? Are you happy with your job? Are you eating nourishing foods or are you scared of food? Beliefs are everything. We experience what we believe so if your beliefs are negative (whether about food, skin or your body), they are limiting you. If you think getting clear skin is hard it will continue to be. Changing your beliefs is not easy as they are automatic, but it can be done!  We started just being more aware of our thoughts and would write them down. This helped us break through blocks and re-write our beliefs.

4 – Love yourself along the way. 

We will continue to share things that helped us in our self-love healing journey, as we know this was the key for getting and keeping our clear skin! It really starts within. When you take the steps to take care of yourself and love yourself you will start to do things that show this back to your body which will lead to healing! It takes time, don’t give up. It’s not about being perfect but focusing on progression.


Do you struggle with picking? Do you have a simple skin care routine? Do you have any questions for us? What limiting beliefs do you have around your skin or food that might be holding you back?


Lori and Michelle

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Katie Owens February 9, 2016 - 5:09 pm

What is the elimination diet that helped heal your eczema?

purelytwins February 9, 2016 - 7:39 pm

Katie I followed the Digestive Healthy with real food by Aglaee Jacob, MS, RD. It is a great book.

Heather April 18, 2016 - 10:30 am

Hi, girls!
Ugh, you are so right on the thoughts, I notice my skin gets worse because I keep focusing on it, as I was reading the Rule #1 on your posting here, I was joking to myself, my skin was saying to me: “Stop staring at me, it’s not nice. You keep staring at me, I’m gonna stare back at you. You’re still staring, this is what you get when you stare!” lol.
And when I do research about skin, I try to keep calm and think positive, but yet when it requires so much more than what a person eats, it tend to be very daunting, and yes, because of my recent thought of “nightshades are terrible for my skin” I began getting afraid of food again, and thus didn’t help out my skin case. It is a lot of factors like you said, if I don’t have any coconut oil with some sort of food I notice the problems that arise, I’m still trying to heal my teeth, and that’s becoming too focusing, when I wasn’t focusing all that much on them they were healing, not the broken ones, but the ones with the cracks, or stress fractures. I grind my teeth during sleep, I try to do everything calmly and in a non-obsessive nor excessive way, I shouldn’t stress about not drinking enough tea or water through out the day, but skin needs hydration! lol.
And, then how my family has handled my going gluten-free and not wanting to eat certain things, hasn’t helped. I still say nightshades are the cause, as I cut them out for 3 weeks and on the second week my skin was hydrated and lovely, and then because they don’t understand the meaning of the word: “Moderation,” they always overdo it on the nightshades (potatoes [except sweet and yams], tomatoes [ground cherry, but we mainly only have the big or tiny ones], and peppers [hot, spicy, bell, except peppercorns as they don’t come from any pepper plants), I had even noticed one day right after eating the top and bottom of a sweet red pepper that my skin began to sting and dry up, I still love the red peppers, but if it’s part of my case, I’m going to cut even those out.

I left gluten behind because I noticed my teeth would go brown after eating it, sometimes it was almost immediate, and anywhere from a few hours to 12 hours later, the same follows for nightshades, except the NS change my teeth to yellow. I choose not to accept the dentists’ excuses as to “stains” on teeth, just because Tomatoes, wine, coffee, tea, grapes, blueberries, all stain a white cloth, doesn’t mean they do the same for teeth, teeth aren’t material, they aren’t thread, they aren’t indestructible, but they are close and shouldn’t break apart as easily as they sometimes do with chewing something hard such as food, or something crispy.

I had suffered with ache for years on my face, but over time, it got better, I started washing my face twice a day and it got better, but if I as so much over-rub in one washing it seems to dislike me, but also focusing on it too much will cause it itch, so you are right. I also keep looking at the other skin sections periodically – which as we just found out: is bad!

I get anxiety too, and more so when I can’t relax, so I’ve been trying to hold a better posture as well as not tensing up my toes or feet, and letting my arms drop to my side without gripping onto my upward legs, at least when my hands aren’t typing on the keyboard.

purelytwins April 20, 2016 - 10:37 pm

Thanks sweetie for sharing your story. We are so sorry to hear all the issues you are facing. But as you know being aware of your thoughts plays a big part in it. It is hard not to fear food if you do notice a skin reaction to it, we still have a few foods that we know our skin doesn’t like but we don’t fear them we just know they can’t be a big part of our daily but more in moderation 🙂 Maybe try reducing how much you wash your face to just at night. We know it is scary to think about but once we reduced how much we were washing our faces they actually got better. Just something to think about sweetie 🙂 sending you lots of hugs!! You are strong and will get through this xoxo

Becky May 16, 2016 - 9:44 pm

I recently found your blog and enjoy it 🙂 I suffer from hormonal/cystic acne. I would love to try estroblock and vitex but cannot currently because I am pregnant. I was curious what you would recommend for face care and supplements. I have attempted oil cleansing multiple times and am taking a prenatal and DHA supplement. Thanks for your advice!

purelytwins May 17, 2016 - 2:01 pm

SKin care supplements I suggest looking into is fermented cod liver oil, vitamin B supplements, Vitamin D, and I personally like this niacin spray —

that I use on my face once a day, usually in the morning and then along with using the oil on our faces with DoTerra Essential oils really help too like lavender.

Laura August 18, 2016 - 12:34 am

Hello! I’m going to try your oil cleansing method at night. Can you please clarify what you do in the morning? Do you mix the sandalwood, geranium and francenscence with coconut oil and just apply on face after rinsing with water? Thanks

purelytwins August 18, 2016 - 3:55 pm

We don’t do anything in the morning. The only thing we do in the morning is splash our face with water. It is at night ONLY that we use the oils and essential oils to wash our faces.


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