Bye bye jiggle arm workout

by purelytwins

Here’s a home workout to tone your arms with an extra focus on the triceps to get sculpted strong arms. Your upper back, shoulders, upper chest and arms will get shaped up in this workout. Grab a set of dumbbells, a chair and get ready to firm up those arms. Tone your triceps by adding these 4 moves to your workout!

Arm workout to tone and tighten the arms to get rid of jiggle. Workout for women.

Arm jiggle. For some reason that just sounds funny to us, but we know it is a common trouble area for women. We are no different. Honestly it is a trouble area for me (Michelle). Lori has always had sleeker arms than me. She says it is from being a setter while playing volleyball during high school and college. It doesn’t really matter because we are all different and beautiful in our own way. I still love my arms but am always looking for ways to improve them. Maybe your the same way? Today we are working on fixing that by saying goodbye to arm jiggle. We know you are going to love these exercises.

We collected 4 of our all time favorite back of the arm focused exercises that will have your arms on fire.

Okay let’s do this workout together!

Bye bye jiggle arm workout

Grab your workout buddy and do this workout with us.

*Disclaimer: make sure to consult with your doctor before trying a new workout routine. If you feel any pain or discomfort while exercising, stop.

Equipment:  Chair and free weights

Workout focus: Arms – back of arms

Make sure to leave us a comment down below sharing how you liked this workout. We love hearing from you. It’s motivation for us!

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Alright ladies are you looking to tone up your arms? Get rid of arm jiggle and sculpt your arms with this workout. Grab a chair and some free weights and do this workout with us. 4 powerful tricep exercises for women to tone up the back of the arms.


bye bye arm jiggle (Click to download your pdf)

Want a strong upper body and lose the flabby arms?

These 4 arm exercises will help shape those beautiful arms of yours.

Adding a few sculpting moves for your triceps is the way to blast that fatty area and replace it with long, lean muscles that give your arm some gorgeous definition.

Tone your arms fast with this 10-minute workout.

arm-workout-for-women-targeting-the-back-arm-jiggleTriangle pushup is a top exercise to eliminate arm jiggle.

Like a traditional pushup, the triangle pushup can be performed on your knees or toes – on the floor or a chair. Instead of aligning your arms beneath your shoulders, your hands form more of a triangle. Focus on keeping your core stable and your body in one straight line as you lower yourself down and back up. Tricep dips also activate the hard-to-tone arm muscle! Tricep dips are always a great arm burner move for us.

Here is the mantra we want you to focus on this week when you workout.

Mantra for week –   I am mighty. I am strong. I am fierce.

Especially after this workout you will be feeling strong and fierce. You’ll be ready to tackle anything with strong, sleek arms that you will love even more.

Working out brings such a sense of accomplishment and an I can do anything attitude.  When you move your fabulous body this week we want you to focus on how strong, mighty and fierce you are. With each rep that your arms are burning tell yourself you’re strong. You’re fierce. You can do this. You are building stronger, sleeker arms with each exercise.

Thanks for working out with us today.

We hope you enjoyed working the back of the arms with us today.

See you in the next workout.


Lori and Michelle

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tanya January 26, 2016 - 4:01 pm

awesome workout, I will have to add it to my new routine. Thanks for the help, i have been looking for something good for my arms. 🙂

purelytwins January 26, 2016 - 6:38 pm

Enjoy the workout!


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