Answering your gut health questions plus our digestion update

by purelytwins

We received some questions to give an update on our gut health and where we stand now with everything – how is our overall gut health?

We both feel our journey to heal our gut was worth it. Even with some bumps in the road we feel it was well worth it.

Gut health Q & A

Enjoy your journey. Make sure to address all parts of your life when you are healing. Focus on doing things out of self-love and compassion for yourself.

Have the right attitude and tools when approaching any gut protocol. Work with your doctor. Find a good one that truly cares about you and your health, which we know is hard to do. It took us years to find one!!

The gut health protocol that we followed was from practical paleo book. We highly suggest that book. It is filled with so much great information and tips.

Here is the plan that we followed during our gut journey.

Remember to do your own research. Be patient.

Document your journey. See Michelle’s tips on keeping a food journal.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Just don’t give up.

Healing takes time.

We are so happy to say that we both are in a much better place with our digestion and overall gut health. We know what foods our bodies like best and what ones we have to limit. We don’t feel restricted because we LOVE what we do get to eat. We feel so satisfied and fulfilled with how we eat. We have a balance of real foods, desserts, coffee, cocktails etc. This is our healthy balance.

There will be others that see this as not healthy. There will be others that might think this is not balanced or restricted.

But that doesn’t matter to us. People can think whatever they want.

We are happy. We feel great. That is what is important.

Please take our tips as that – just tips. You have to do the work and find what works for you. We are here for you!

Answering your questions about gut health from digestion to probiotics and so much more. Come chat with us. Plus we give an update on how our gut health is doing since doing a gut healing journey back in 2013.

Take your journey to heal your gut slowly.

Make sure to address all parts of your life not just diet and supplements!! Including loving yourself despite not feeling or looking the way you may want to be.

Are you stressed? Are you sleeping well? How is your environment? How are your relationships with those around you? Are you surrounded by positivity?

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Now your turn. What gut health questions do you have?


Lori and Michelle

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